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Feb 16 2022

Studying Poker in 2022: Prioritize Your Weaknesses

In the prior article of this series, I helped you create your list of weaknesses (poker leaks). Whip out your list right now because I’m going to help you prioritize ‘em so you can get the biggest bang for your study buck. Let’s imagine you wrote these five weaknesses in your poker journal: I Don’t 3-bet Bluff Enough: I...

Feb 08 2022

Studying Poker in 2022: Know Your Areas of Weakness

In the first article in the Studying in 2022 series, I helped you build dedicated blocks of poker study and play time into your schedule. So, what do you fill these blocks with? I recommend you fill them with purposeful study and play around your areas of weakness (also called poker leaks). Do you know your areas of weakness?...

Aug 10 2021

Know Your Areas of Weakness

In my prior article called How to Study Poker: Learn Something, Do Something, I gave you a 4-step process for weekly studies. Step 1 was to choose a strategy topic to focus on for the week. Yet, how do you know what topic to choose? My recommendation is to take the next item from your list of weaknesses. What? You don’t have...

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