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Oct 29 2021

Elite Pros Battle for Chip Lead With 0 Pairs Between Them (Analysis)

When two elite players are seated together late on in a tournament, it is often wise for them to steer clear of one another. This is even more so the case if they both have big stacks. That being said, sometimes butting heads will be unavoidable. That is what happened in the later stages of a $700 WCOOP event when high stakes pros...

Oct 08 2021

Should He Fold Pocket Aces to a Close Friend? (Analysis)

When two friends clash at the poker table, it generally goes one of three ways: Some friends go after each other relentlessly; Others (consciously or unconsciously) try to avoid each other; And some just play their game and let the cards fall where they may. I ended up in this situation when I squared off vs my podcast co-host and friend Dara O’Kearney...

Oct 01 2021

Doug Polk Semi-Bluffs All-In With $3.7 Million at Stake (Analysis)

To mark the beginning of the 2021 World Series of Poker (which started yesterday), today's article zooms in on a key hand from the 2017 WSOP....

Sep 14 2021

The $2.5 Million Bluff That Changed The Poker World Forever (Moneymaker vs Farha Analysis)

Heads-up for the WSOP Main Event title. A bracelet and $2.5 million on the line. The poker veteran in a sharp suit, shirt unbuttoned, bedazzled with chains. The accountant with the implausibly perfect name, wearing a beige Poker Stars baseball cap and sunglasses. A bluff that will change the poker world forever....

Jul 23 2021

Hellmuth Crushes Negreanu’s Soul with 8♣ 3♣ (Analysis by Polk & Negreanu)

Sometimes you see a hand that makes you think: “what the hell am I looking at right now?” This hand between Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth is a perfect example. Half of the analysis in this article is directly from Daniel, as he explained his thought process on a recent episode of the Doug Polk...

Jul 20 2021

The Filthiest Hand from the $10,000,000 Wynn Millions (Analysis)

Imagine this… You are playing one of the first $10,000 buy-in tournaments post-lockdown, and it's the biggest tournament of the summer. You build up a huge stack on day 1 -- one of, if not the biggest in the field -- only to run the best possible full house into a top pro's quads on day 2. Sounds unrealistic, doesn't it? Well, it...

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