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Nov 26 2022

Poker Forge Q&A Podcast Episodes

I love answering questions from my Poker Forge students! You'll find Q&A podcast episodes along with videos, pics, downloads, Poker Forge study recommendations and more below. 6-Question Poker Forge Q&A from November 2022 Watch the video for this Q&A #418:...

Oct 01 2022

Gird Up Your Loins for Aggression – Direct from The Poker Forge

Have you ever heard the term, "gird up your loins"? It means to prepare for action, and it's from the olden days and the Bible: Proverbs 31:17....

May 05 2022

[Updated] Mother’s Day Q&A – Helping You Become the Player You’re Meant to Be

In celebration of Mother's Day, I love releasing new Q&A episodes. My mom's guidance was instrumental in my life, and I love paying it forward to my audience. Q&A's allow me to help you with exactly what you need to know along your path to becoming the player you want to be. Happy Mother's Day! Mother's Day Q&A 2022 Listen to the episode...

May 06 2021

4-Part Mother’s Day Q&A

In celebration of Mother's Day, here's a 4-part Q&A series. In this series, I answer 4 listener questions and also give my recommendation for a related Poker Forge video that will help you beyond my answer here. Happy Mother's Day! Mother’s Day Q&A #1: "What skills should I drill into my game?" Listen to Mother's Day Q&A #1:...

Dec 20 2020

It Is Possible to Profit in Online Poker?

I’m a huge fan of online poker and, from the start of my journey, I've known that it can be possible to make good money playing online. However, also from the start, I’ve heard loads of dissenting voices to this idea that online poker can be profitable. Many people believe that online poker just isn’t winnable for your average player, often giving one...

Nov 16 2020

The Poker Forge HUGE 2020 Black Friday Deal

Nov 16 2020 Published at Smart Poker Study under tags  the poker forge

For Black Friday 2020 and the first time ever, you can have Lifetime Membership to the Poker Forge for only $297. This is the deal you've been waiting for to finally pull the trigger and join the best online poker training site that guides you through your poker journey step-by-step. I know you're tired of trying to piecemeal your education together through random...

Jul 16 2020

From ThePokerForge.com: Training a Positive EV Mindset

Playing with a positive EV mindset means you're always thinking about your options and going with the most profitable one. Your opponents don't do this! They only think about their hand and the board, and they often call or cbet by default. You don't do anything by default because you're always weighing the profitability of your options and you place them on the...

Jul 09 2020

From ThePokerForge.com: Listen to What They’re Telling You

The audio from this episode is taken from a video called "Listen to What They're Telling You" in the Finding the Fold Course within the Poker Forge. I truly believe that your opponent's actions tell you what they have 99% of the time. This video teaches you to pay attention to what their actions say about their range of hands. If you listen...

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