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Aug 25 2021

Swaps, Stakes, and Backing

Money changes hands over and over in the poker community. Even those of us who sit on a table with our best friends are trying to take all their chips. Poker is a cash business, and the poker community is small. As a result, there are plenty of ways to make deals with other players, and it is important to understand the differences...

Jul 19 2021

Episode 359: Guilherme Brasileiro

Brazilian pro Guilherme "guix2x" Brasiliero joins Andrew to discuss the Brazilian poker scene, staking stables, the contemporary poker software landscape, and much more. Links Thinking Poker Daily The Daily Stoic Rich Dad, Poor Dad Relentless Guilherme Brasileiro Guilherme "guix2x" Brasileiro ... Read more...

Aug 28 2020

Poker Staking: Is It Good or Bad for Poker?

Staking has been an integral part of the poker community for a long time. Lately, however, it’s become hugely popular, especially in big buy-in events. Many people familiar with poker and with access to funds are more than happy to front winning players with six and even seven-figure amounts to put them in a tournament in exchange for a share of profits. This...

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