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Jan 22 2021

Curiosity Kills Your Winnings

Jan 22 2021 Published at Smart Poker Study under tags  smart poker study podcast

There is a common issue among all losing players… curiosity causes them to call rivers way too frequently with subpar hands. How many times have you reached the river with 1 pair, your opponent bets, and based on the player, the board, their range and their bet size, you knew you were beat but you called anyways? I bet your answer is, “Waaayyy...

Jan 15 2021

3 Steps for Achieving Your 2021 Poker Goals

Jan 15 2021 Published at Smart Poker Study under tags  goals smart poker study podcast

I want to help you achieve your 2021 poker goals. The new year is always an opportunity to make some important changes in your life and to strive for new things that are important to you. This post will help you do exactly that within your poker journey. Maybe you’ve played poker for years and you’ve finally decided to take this game seriously...

Dec 14 2020

The 12 Days of Christmas 2020 Podcast Episodes

It's the 12 Days of Christmas… Merry Christmas! My first gift to you, a new podcast episode every day through Christmas Day. Give 'em a listen below. My second gift to you…...

Nov 25 2020

Strategies and Action Steps from the Quick Wins Poker Course

Nov 25 2020 Published at Smart Poker Study under tags  smart poker study podcast

I'm about to give you 10 quick and critical strategies and actions steps that will take you from a losing to a winning player. These are the 10 modules within the Quick Wins Poker course which is the first course in The Poker Forge. I'll give you the most important strategy to take away from each module and a 3-day action step to...

Nov 19 2020

How to Quickly Understand Online Tournament Players – Podcast #318

A few weeks ago, listener Sherri Cook sent me this question about understanding tournament players: I’m loving your podcast, Sky. I just subscribed and now I’m going through your back catalog and learning a ton. I love playing cash games where I can use my long history with opponents against them. I play with many players online day after day, and this gives...

Oct 29 2020

How to Start Playing Online Poker – Your New Journey

This page will teach you all you need to know to begin an enjoyable, profitable and rewarding online poker journey. You're about to learn: The benefits of pursuing an online poker journey The 5 steps to start with bonuses and rakeback What software is a MUST for better performance and studies How it's possible to make $$$ everyday with online poker The simplest...

Oct 01 2020

5 Effective Tips & Strategies for Playing Winning Poker

Announcement! Smart Poker Study will begin holding monthly $50 Guaranteed tournaments on Americas Cardroom starting on October 21st at 8pm EST! Click here for SPS Tournament details and updates so you...

Sep 22 2020

Breaking Poker Rules | Podcast Episode #310

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. – Katherine Hepburn Stealing from the cookie jar before dinner was fun and satisfying, right? Running red lights when it’s safe to do so (like when there aren’t any other cars around) saves time, it’s exciting and it’s better than waiting for green. Here's a poker example:...

Sep 17 2020

Motivation, Confidence & Mindset: If They Can Do It, I Can Do It

Motivation, confidence and having an “I got this” mindset will help you become the poker player (and person) you want to be. Listen to Podcast #309: Motivation, Confidence & Mindset: If They Can Do It, I Can Do It! We can often be daunted by the prospect of trying something new. In terms of poker: Transitioning from MTT’s to cash games Finally losing...

Jul 22 2020

The 5 Mental Aspects of a Winning Poker Mind

I have goals of improving my “hard” poker skills. "Hard" skills are the in- game strategies of poker: cbet bluffing, board recognition, hand reading, bet sizing, etc. I also have goals of improving my “soft” poker skills. These are mental aspects like always being in control of my emotions, not forcing the action, avoiding tilt and displaying patience. “Soft” might sound unimportant, but these...

Jul 16 2020

From ThePokerForge.com: Training a Positive EV Mindset

Playing with a positive EV mindset means you're always thinking about your options and going with the most profitable one. Your opponents don't do this! They only think about their hand and the board, and they often call or cbet by default. You don't do anything by default because you're always weighing the profitability of your options and you place them on the...

Jul 09 2020

From ThePokerForge.com: Listen to What They’re Telling You

The audio from this episode is taken from a video called "Listen to What They're Telling You" in the Finding the Fold Course within the Poker Forge. I truly believe that your opponent's actions tell you what they have 99% of the time. This video teaches you to pay attention to what their actions say about their range of hands. If you listen...

Jul 02 2020

5 Lessons Learned from Playing Fortnite

Jul 02 2020 Published at Smart Poker Study under tags  smart poker study podcast

Fortnite is an online video game that combines a 1st person shooter with building elements like found in Minecraft (another online game). If you’ve played classic first-person shooters like Doom or Goldeneye, it’s like that but you can also build walls and stairs and roofs to protect yourself from your enemies. The most common way to play is called Battle Royale where...

Jun 25 2020

Use My KISS HUD to Avoid Overwhelm and Learn How to Exploit Online Poker Players

I’m going to help you learn to use a heads up display with my stripped-down, simplified KISS HUD for online poker. It's called the KISS HUD because I'm a huge fan of the KISS Principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid! This 10-element HUD makes it easy to avoid overwhelm while learning to use a HUD to exploit your opponents. The 10 Elements of the...

Jun 18 2020

Q&A: Polarized Ranges, LIVE to Online Poker Transition and the PFR/VPIP Ratio

What are polarized ranges? How do I go from LIVE to online poker? What the heck is the PFR/VPIP Ratio? I'm answering your 🔥 burning 🔥 poker questions. Listen to episode #296: Q&A on Polarized Ranges, LIVE to Online Transition and the PFR/VPIP Ratio 1st Question: Polarized Ranges Hello, Sky. Just wanted to ask if you have ever done a podcast episode...

May 21 2020

Q&A: Robotic Play, Profitable Poker, In-game Hand Reading and Anonymous Players | Podcast #292

May 21 2020 Published at Smart Poker Study under tags  q&a smart poker study podcast

I'm sharing answers to your 🔥 burning 🔥 poker questions that will get you taking action with purpose (and not playing robotic poker) both on- and off- the-felt to improve your skills. Listen to episode #292: Q&A on Profitable Poker, In-game Hand Reading, Robotic Play and Anonymous Players 1st Q: Playing Profitable Poker I’m struggling to play more profitably. I have a 1bb/100...

May 08 2020

14 INSANELY Useful Beginner Tips from Nathan “BlackRain79” Williams | Podcast #290

May 08 2020 Published at Smart Poker Study under tags  smart poker study podcast

Nathan "BlackRain79" Williams, the winningest micro stakes player of all time, gives you 14 insanely useful poker beginner tips. These are guaranteed to have you playing better and more profitably with your very next session. Listen to Nathan Williams' "14 Insanely Useful Beginner Tips" podcast #290 The 14 beginner tips below are a condensed version of Nathan's original post from May of 2020...

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