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Oct 29 2021

Poker Tips by George: The Beauty of Slow Play

Deception is a vital part of the game of Texas Hold 'Em. If you rarely try to deceive your opponents, you are hardly ever a winner. Bluffing and semi- bluffing are the deceptive strategies most often used. But, hard to believe, there are recreational and novice players who insist they will “never” bluff. Other deceptive strategies include slow play, trapping, sandbagging, and...

May 31 2020

You Need to Slow-Play In These 5 Common Situations

People often ask me when they should slow-play and when they should just make a bet in poker. And I get it, believe me. It can be confusing! A lot of newer players in particular tend to slow play too much because they are afraid of "scaring off" their opponent when they have a big hand. This is usually an incorrect line of...

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