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Apr 13 2022

Q&A: Hand Reading to Build Poker Math Skills

I answer 3 questions about poker math and hand reading, and I give you a strategy for learning both skills simultaneously. Listen to the podcast as you follow along below:...

May 21 2020

Q&A: Robotic Play, Profitable Poker, In-game Hand Reading and Anonymous Players | Podcast #292

May 21 2020 Published at Smart Poker Study under tags  q&a smart poker study podcast

I'm sharing answers to your šŸ”„ burning šŸ”„ poker questions that will get you taking action with purpose (and not playing robotic poker) both on- and off- the-felt to improve your skills. Listen to episode #292: Q&A on Profitable Poker, In-game Hand Reading, Robotic Play and Anonymous Players 1st Q: Playing Profitable Poker Iā€™m struggling to play more profitably. I have a 1bb/100...

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