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May 25 2023

Dec 09 2022

This Preflop Range Challenge Will Make You Money

I gave myself a preflop range challenge: Play 5,000 hands in 5 days strictly with my KISS Cash Game Ranges. Spoiler: I crushed it! $45 in winnings ($5 buy- in games) with a +17.84bb/100 hands win rate, while running a super tight 14/11 game. Get the KISS Cash Game Ranges and the Challenge Tracker here: I review my own...

Nov 26 2022

Poker Forge Q&A Podcast Episodes

I love answering questions from my Poker Forge students! You'll find Q&A podcast episodes along with videos, pics, downloads, Poker Forge study recommendations and more below. 6-Question Poker Forge Q&A from November 2022 Watch the video for this Q&A #418:...

Oct 28 2022

I Wish I Knew These 6 Poker Strategies at the Start of My Journey

I wish I knew these things at the start of my poker journey! It took me YEARS to become a winning online poker player. Loads of playing and studying, and along the way, there were many lessons learned. Too bad I didn't learn 'em sooner (like in the first 5 years ). Iā€™m going to teach you the 6 things I wish I...

Jun 18 2020

Q&A: Polarized Ranges, LIVE to Online Poker Transition and the PFR/VPIP Ratio

What are polarized ranges? How do I go from LIVE to online poker? What the heck is the PFR/VPIP Ratio? I'm answering your šŸ”„ burning šŸ”„ poker questions. Listen to episode #296: Q&A on Polarized Ranges, LIVE to Online Transition and the PFR/VPIP Ratio 1st Question: Polarized Ranges Hello, Sky. Just wanted to ask if you have ever done a podcast episode...

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