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May 31 2020

Supernova Dreaming - NL25 Poker Swings

Gotta play like a madman cuz I've been slacking again and I need 25k VPP still for Nova. No room for error now. Gonna be playing a sick amount of poker from now until years end. Still rocking the NL25 and NL50 full ring for now. Doomswitched for life at 50. Destroying 25 everyday. Tied my record for most hands ever played in...

Mission Accomplished - SuperNova on PokerStars

I am now Supernova on Pokerstars! This was one of the sickest things I have ever done leaving it this late as I basically had to play 10k hands per day for 3 weeks straight. Pokerstars even CAPTCHA'd me today to make sure I wasn't a robot! This month I returned to full ring and played 236k hands which is my second most...

Oct 27 2018

Almost There

3900 VPP til Supernova. Works out to about 8600 hands per day over the final 3 days of the year. Sounds like a lot but I've been playing 10-13k hands per day for 2 and a half weeks now so its pretty easy for me. I will certainly be very relieved to get it done though. And I will never, ever leave something...

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