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Jan 19 2022

Striking Poker Hand Slang

Jan 19 2022 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  basics poker

The game of poker is full of its own specialized lingo. The pros know it all- nuts, boats, streets, and kickers. However, there are plenty of obscure names for hands that you might not have heard of! Some of these have their own unique stories behind the nicknames, while some are just clever observations based on the cards. Let’s take a look at...

Jan 13 2022

What can you learn from watching hand replays?

Jan 13 2022 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  basics poker strategy

One of the ways to improve your own play, or discover weaknesses in opponents, is to study hand history. Those hands which seem like surefire winners all too often turn out to be coin flips -- or worse -- in the cold light of day. The easiest way to review a hand is to watch a visual replay. There's usually another hand...

Jan 11 2022

Episode 369: Brad Wilson

Poker player, coach, and podcast host Brad Wilson joins Carlos and Andrew to discuss spades, poker soft skills, analyzing data, and what it means to chase poker greatness. Andrew was on Episode 68 and Episode 157 of Chasing Poker Greatness. ... Read more...

Dec 28 2021

Episode 368: Michael Lukich

Data analyst Michael Lukich joins Carlos and Andrew to talk about taking a data analysis approach to solvers and game theory. His website is lukich.io and his Solver School launches in January. Access courses from Michael, Andrew, and many others using ... Read more...

Dec 22 2021

“The Most Valuable Skill at Poker” by Alan25main

If you could master just one poker skill, what would it be? Alan25main poses this question below, sharing some of the ones he finds most important. -- Poker may be the world’s most complex game that’s commonly played for money (real or pretend doesn’t matter, the principles are identical). Keeping in mind that world-class players master many or most of the needed skills,...

Dec 15 2021

Interesting Deck Elements

Dec 15 2021 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  basics poker

The standard card deck used in poker has undergone several adjustments in its development throughout history. Let’s take a look at some interesting historical facts about cards! One of the biggest game companies in the world, Nintendo, got its start in playing cards! In Kyoto, Japan in 1889, Nintendo Playing Card Company started making Japanese hanafuda cards. Hanafuda is a game that is...

Dec 14 2021

Episode 367: Adapting to Change

Carlos and Andrew go all in on strategy, discussing how to adapt to new rules and variants (like the new GG Poker final table rules) and how to play from the small blind versus limpers. Our earlier episode, recorded live ... Read more...

Dec 08 2021

Who can see your cards at a showdown?

Dec 08 2021 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  basics poker

In the Replay Poker forum, there's often been debate about mucking and folding. So, who can actually see your cards at a showdown? We're here to clear up the confusion. This is how Replay Poker interprets the showdown rules: When is it a fold? Players...

Dec 07 2021

5 Easy Tips For Playing Flush Draws

Dec 07 2021 Published at Raise Your Edge! under tags  articles bluff call draw equity

If you’ve been playing poker for a reasonable amount of time, you’ve probably run into countless situations where you had to decide what to do with a flush draw. Flush draws can be tricky to play, but understanding and implementing these 5 tips will help you to start learning and mastering these spots. Let’s [...] Der Beitrag 5 Easy Tips For Playing Flush...

Nov 29 2021

10 Tips to Improve Your Poker Gaming Skills

Are you a poker enthusiast who always thinks it just isn't your lucky day when you lose a game? Well, poker isn't all about luck! When considering the long run, poker is more of a skill game. The truth is that excelling at this game requires a vast array of skills and essential qualities. And the best poker players have mastered some of...

3 Ways To Easily Exploit Recreational Players

These days, tournaments are more jam-packed with recreational players than ever. Playing against these “recreationals” requires a lot of exploitative adjustments depending on what kind of player they are, but there are some general rules that should hold true in most situations where you’re up against a weaker opponent. Here we’ll look at three [...] Der Beitrag 3 Ways To Easily Exploit Recreational...

Nov 23 2021

Episode #366: A New Host

It's the end of an era, as Nate Meyvis steps down as co-host and Carlos Welch takes up the mantle. Our fullest accounting of the show's beginning and early days is on Episode 100 (which Carlos also co-hosted!). Carlos's first appearance ... Read more...

Nov 22 2021

How to Defend Your Big Blind (5 Tips!)

The big blind is one of the most important positions at the poker table to learn how to play. For starters, you will always lose money in the long run, since you are at such a major disadvantage preflop. Before the cards are dealt, you are already risking the most money at the table [...] Der Beitrag How to Defend Your Big Blind...

Nov 17 2021

Poker Record Breakers Throughout History

Nov 17 2021 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  basics poker

We have some pretty big games on Replay Poker, but nowhere near the top! Whether by prize pool or participation, let’s take a look at some of the biggest poker games in history. The largest game of online poker based on the number of participants had 225,000 players playing for a share of a guaranteed prize pool of $300,000. With a buy-in of...

Nov 15 2021

Top 3 Mindset Tips For Poker Players

“You show me someone who doesn’t have their life in order, and I’ll show you a bad poker player.” -Coach Bahman Sadly, most poker players will probably overlook their mindset and habits for the entirety of their poker career. Some may struggle at the tables because of it, some might find some success [...] Der Beitrag Top 3 Mindset Tips For Poker Players...

Nov 10 2021

Age vs. experience in poker

Nov 10 2021 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  poker strategy

An accelerated learning curve, or a worldly wise head? Which is the strongest trait of a poker player? Which road have you traveled to learn poker? Movies seem to have conversely romanticized or demonized gambling as an occupation. Now that leisure is big business, it has emerged from the shadows to be much more accessible to all. In the...

Nov 09 2021

If You Do These 3 Things You Are Exploiting Yourself

One of the first things you may have heard when you first started to take poker seriously is the term “exploit.” Simply put, this means understanding and adjusting to your opponent’s tendencies at the table to increase your winnings. When we start breaking into the world of HUDs and stats online, the immediate temptation may be to start adjusting to every stat you...

Nov 02 2021

Episode 364: Deductive Logic

Just a quick solo episode this week, with Andrew discussing the importance of open-mindedness and deductive reasoning for serious poker players. Logic puzzles like these can be a fun way to practice. Subscribe to Thinking Poker Daily Essential Poker Concepts ... Read more...

Oct 29 2021

146 – Blake Eastman – The Truth About Poker Tells

Click Here To Get Blake Eastman's Behavioral Edge Workshop For Free Summary: This post and podcast episode contain affiliate links for Beyond Tells. When you use our links we receive referral commissions when you enroll in the program. We are extremely selective with who we partner with, and are committed to recommending only the highest […] The post 146 - Blake Eastman -...

Oct 25 2021

Tilt Management 101: Take a Deep Breath

If you’ve played poker for a meaningful period of time, you’ve almost definitely experienced your fair share of tilt throughout your journey. For the vast majority of people, tilt is such a large problem that it greatly impacts not only their mental state, but also their focus, session length and winrate. How often have [...] Der Beitrag Tilt Management 101: Take a Deep...

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