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Mar 31 2021

139 – Paul Otto – From Poker to Crypto

Improve Your Poker Mindset. >> Start Your 7-Day Free Trial To Primed Mind Plus << Summary: Paul Otto built one of the most respected coaching teams in the game and has now moved on to using the skills he learned in poker to take on the cryptocurrency world. He currently runs F5 Crypto Capital and […] The post 139 - Paul Otto -...

Episode 350: Keith Dunlap

Keith Dunlap is a poet, novelist, and memoirist took up poker after a cancer diagnosis whose chemotherapy treatment required him to quarantine before it was cool. We talk about why poker interests him, why he thinks it's good for people, ... Read more...

Looking for more free chips? Learn about Leagues and Leaderboards!

Mar 31 2021 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  basics poker promotions

Replay Poker is home to exciting, engaging, and competitive leaderboards, where players can fight it out for free chips and bragging rights! We share answers to some common questions about this feature. When do they run? All the time! Most importantly, when do winners receive their awards? (Nobody wants...

Mar 23 2021

Episode 349: Duncan Palamourdas

Dr. Konstantinos "Duncan" Palamourdas joins Nate and Andrew for a marathon conversation about playing poker, teaching poker, learning poker, and learning from poker. DUNCAN PALAMOURDAS Dr. Konstantinos Palamourdas, otherwise known as Duncan, is a UCLA instructor, author, columnist and researcher. ... Read more...

Mar 07 2021

138 – Shakti Chauhan – The Treasure Hidden in Your Network

Improve Your Poker Mindset. >> Start Your 7-Day Free Trial To Primed Mind Plus << Summary: There’s gold waiting for you in your poker network, and it’s not just in the money you win at the tables… When poker pro Shakti Chauhan started hosting games to fuel his gambling habit, he realized the rich opportunity […] The post 138 - Shakti Chauhan -...

Feb 22 2021

The Mental Habits of Highly Effective Poker Players

Feb 22 2021 Published at Thinking Poker under tags  podcast poker

In this solo episode, Nate Meyvis discusses the history of the podcast, his own history as a poker player, and what that all has to do with helping you get better at poker now.

Feb 17 2021

Why do they play like that?!

Feb 17 2021 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  basics poker

You know 'em. You don't love 'em. What's up with players who seem to bet excessively or always use up their full clock? Poker is, fundamentally, a game of attrition. An individual should only worry about their own interests. However, Replay is clear that it’s not good etiquette to deliberately annoy other players in order to personally unsettle them....

Feb 15 2021

137 – Robbie Strazynski – The Poker Writer

Improve Your Poker Mindset. >> Start Your 7-Day Free Trial To Primed Mind Plus << Summary: Motivated by his passion for poker, journalist Robbie Strazynski started writing about poker for fun through his blog and newsletter at CardPlayerLifestyle.com. As his audience grew, Robbie transitioned his passion project into a full-time career, and now he attends […] The post 137 - Robbie Strazynski -...

Feb 11 2021

136 – Peter Clarke – The Philosophy of Poker

Summary: Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting started, your biggest leaks at the table come from emotional decision making. Do you bring awareness and intention to every hand? Or do you make automatic plays based on your subconscious habits? Know the science. Know the numbers. Balance with logic. And catch yourself before […] The post 136 - Peter Clarke - The...

Jan 29 2021

135 – Wayne Yap & Nick Howard – Beyond Poker

Summary: What comes after a successful poker career? Because of the high variance and limited economy the game offers, many players seek to diversify into business. Some want to leave the daily grind behind and transition out of the game. Nick Howard and Wayne Yap are solving this problem with Beyond Poker, a podcast and […] The post 135 - Wayne Yap &...

Jan 20 2021

Episode 344: The Game Theory of Political Violence with Matt Glassman

Card player, political scientist, and fan favorite Matt Glassman returns to the show to discuss the assault on the US Capitol Building and the game theory of political violence: what drives it, why does it happen, and how do we ... Read more...

Jan 14 2021

What should you do after you fold?

Jan 14 2021 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  basics poker strategy

It seems like some players never fold. They always pick up a hand with possibilities and get to the showdown. Their poker sessions are full of excitement because they are involved so much of the time. For mere mortals who look down at uninspiring off-suit four-gappers as often as not, what can we do to fruitfully pass the time between hands?...

Dec 17 2020

“The Reason Stud Games Take Longer to Play” by Alan25main

Dec 17 2020 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  basics player stories poker stud

Are you new to Seven Card Stud, and curious about why it can last longer than your typical Hold'em games? Alan25main shares his thoughts on the key difference-maker: limits. -- Playing Seven Card Stud feels natural to me, just as if I’d been playing it almost all my life. Hey! Wait a minute! I HAVE been playing it almost all of my life....

Dec 08 2020

Doug Polk Vs Daniel Negreanu grudge match: Polk takes a massive lead

Doug Polk extends lead to 600k The poker community is currently buzzing with excitement over the Doug Polk Vs Daniel Negreanu grudge match. From the start of the grudge match, it has been a roller-coaster. On the first day, Negreanu was firing on all cylinders and closed with a 116k lead. However, on the second day, Doug Polk managed to cut the lead...

Nov 25 2020

Limping and passive play: why it happens, and how you should respond

Nov 25 2020 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  poker strategy

Recreational poker sites that are free-to-play like Replay attract many more casual players than real cash sites, and the level of play is noticeably different. One of the obvious traits of an inexperienced player is their tendency to "limp" before the flop and to call bets thereafter, rarely folding and never raising. Why?...

Nov 23 2020

Episode 340: Farid Jattin

Nov 23 2020 Published at Thinking Poker under tags  athlete farid jattin gpi nlhe podcast

Farid Jattin moved from Colombia to Miami to play baseball when he was 10 years old. Following an injury in college, he took his athlete's mindset to poker, where he has become one of the most successful players on the ... Read more...

Nov 20 2020

134 – Melissa Burr – Mental Health in Poker

Check Out The Run It Once Black Friday Sale And Save Big On Elliot Roe's A-Game Poker Masterclass Summary: Despite making poker history by becoming the first woman to final table the Poker Players Championship in 2014, Melissa struggled with the pressure and expectations from the sudden notoriety. After hitting rock bottom in her personal […] The post 134 - Melissa Burr -...

Nov 18 2020

“Ace in the Hole, All-a Time Broke” (Part 2) by Alan25main

What are premium starting hands in Seven Card Stud? They're different than what you may be used to in Hold'em. Alan25main shares his top selections below, along with hands you should be wary of. -- So, what constitutes a “good” starting hand to continue with at Seven Card Stud High only? Cards that work together. Ideally, look for “rolled up” trips in...

Nov 16 2020

Episode 339: A Few of Our Favorite Things

Nov 16 2020 Published at Thinking Poker under tags  books movies non-poker podcast poker

In this special, listener-requested episode, Nate and Andrew discuss their favorite books, movies, shows, music, and podcasts (not necessarily poker related).

Nov 10 2020

“Ace in the Hole, All-a Time Broke” (Part 1) by Alan25main

If you're a fan of Texas Hold'em, but you're looking to try your hand at Seven Card Stud, take caution. Don't go in expecting to play the same way you do in Hold'em. Alan25main shares some key differences between these games. -- “Ace in the hole, all-a time broke,” said no Hold’em player, ever. That came from a stud player. Seven Card...

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