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Jan 12 2021

How to Deal With Poker Variance (Pro's Guide 2021)

This article was written by blackrain79.com contributor Fran Ferlan. Handling the inevitable swings in poker is one of the biggest obstacles to success for any aspiring poker player. Doing everything right and seemingly getting punished for it over and over again is so incongruent to the human experience and preconceived notions of justice and fairness that most

May 31 2020

LOL Variance - NL25 versus NL50

NL25 6max so far NL50 6max so far Everyday I play them both at the same time. Every day I get crushed at 25 and do some crushing at 50. It makes no sense at all. It just goes to show how meaningless sub 100k sample sizes are. Heck, I think 100k isn't good enough anymore given the smaller winrates in today's games....

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