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May 23 2022

Episode 377: Fergal Nealon

Former poker pro Fergal Nealon joins Carlos and Andrew to talk about the Irish poker scene, Irish folklore, and Rapid Response Ukraine, a humanitarian organization working directly with volunteers in Poland and Ukraine to deliver medical supplies to the Head ... Read more...

Jonathan Little On Encountering A Lead With Top Pair

May 23 2022 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  poker strategy

Top pair can be a strong and effective hand, especially when it is backed up by an ace-kicker. It is important, however, to be well studied in playing top pair when facing aggression from an opponent. Position is your friend when strong hands get even stronger with turned draws, recognizing the value of your hand …...

May 20 2022

Huge Bluff By Michael Addamo In The Super High Roller Bowl

May 20 2022 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  poker strategy

The stakes rarely get higher than PokerGO's Super High Roller Bowl. With a buy-in of $300,000, the Super High Roller Bowl attracts the best poker players in the world who look to not just win millions, but add their names to high roller history. One of if not the best in the world, Australian pro …...

May 18 2022

My Pocket Aces In The 2010 Main Event

May 18 2022 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  free-header poker strategy

Today I am going to write about one of the more famous hands in poker. We will look back at my famous hand 12 years later and see what decisions I may have changed. I am going to discuss my thought process in the A-A/J-J hand versus Jon Duhamel during the 2010 WSOP Main Event. … My Pocket Aces...

May 17 2022

How to Play Queen-Jack Suited in Cash Games

Queen-Jack suited is a damn good hand in No Limit Hold’em. It can flop strong pairs, strong open-enders, flush draws, and gutshots. It often has useful blockers on Ace-high and King-high boards (blocking hands like AQ/AJ/KQ/KJ). And if all else goes wrong, Queen-Jack suited still usually has some kind of backdoor draw with 2 overcards....

May 13 2022

How to Play Trips (As the Preflop Raiser and Caller)

Playing trips can be pretty simple in some situations, but there are some small nuances that you might be missing. If you are indeed missing those nuances, you have an opportunity to increase your win-rate by learning them. Lucky for you, that's what this article is for. Let’s dive in! Note: I'll be covering how to play trips on paired boards, such as...

MrBeast Straddles For $25,600 On The Hustler Live

May 13 2022 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  poker strategy

The poker world collectively stood still to watch one of the craziest live streams in poker history. While poker legends Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan were no strangers to the Hustler Casino live stream, they had yet to face YouTube and Twitch royalty. MrBeast, Ninja, and other titans of the content creation space made their …...

May 11 2022

3 Tips for Playing the Turn After Check-Raise Bluffing Flop

Suppose you call a preflop raise from the Big Blind with a hand like 6♥ 4♥ and the flop comes Q♦ 7♥ 3♠. The preflop raiser c-bets and the action is back on you. You think to yourself and say, “Damn, am I supposed to check-raise here?”...

May 09 2022

Episode 376: Dan Schorr

Writer, poker player, and former sex crimes prosecutor Dan Schorr joins Carlos and Andrew to discuss preparing for his first WSOP Main Event, game theory in the criminal justice system, and his new novel The Final Table. Support the podcast ... Read more...

Must-See Strategy Discussions from the Upswing Lab Community (April 2022)

May 09 2022 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker news & history poker strategy

Upswing Poker Lab subscribers get access toUpswing Poker Engage, a private Facebook group that allows members to post hands and poker questions at any time. As an Upswing member, you can post to the Engage group and get feedback from Upswing’s roster of world-class coaches and top players. Upswing coaches...

Become A Poker Equity Expert

May 09 2022 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  free-header poker strategy

I want to discuss three relating poker terms that often get mixed up and misused by players. We will be discussing the relationship between equity, expected value, and equity realization. Equity is the most common term that most serious to even recreational players have heard before. Equity is simply the percentage share of the pot …...

May 06 2022

Daniel Negreanu Makes A Perfect Read

May 06 2022 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  poker strategy

Kid Poker has never been one to kid around when it comes to reading his opponents at the poker table. For years, Daniel Negreanu has not only been regarded as one of the best players in the world, but has long been considered one of the all-time greats at live reads. Competing at this year's …...

Can Linus Make a Sick Hero Call With K♣ Q♣ On Four Heart Board (Analysis)

Linus Loeliger has been arguably the best No Limit Hold'em online cash game player in the world for the past few years. In fact, he was ranked as the 5th greatest poker player of all-time in the Doug Polk Podcast's fan voting. Observing the best players in the world is one of the best ways to learn, so today we are going...

May 04 2022

Choosing Hands To Three-Bet Bluff With

May 04 2022 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  free-header poker strategy

Choosing the correct poker hands to three-bet as a bluff can be very difficult. Many professionals of all levels fail to study enough and know the correct hands to bluff with in certain situations. Mistakes that are made in three-bet pots are magnified due to the size of the pot. Constructing a proper three-betting range …...

May 03 2022

Should You Ever Play Offsuit Connectors in Cash Games?

Most of the time, low and medium offsuit connectors are pretty worthless and should be folded. However, there are some instances, mostly from the Big Blind, in which they are worthy of being played. For that reason, I am going to cover: How to Play Low and Medium Offsuit Connectors Preflop 3 Tips for When You Miss the Flop (As the Preflop Caller)...

May 02 2022

Becoming A Winning Poker Player

May 02 2022 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  free-header poker strategy

In today’s article, I want to talk about what it takes to become a winning poker player in today’s environment. With solvers, GTO strategy and other complex systems, it can be as confusing as ever to become a winning poker player in 2022. However, the opposite can also be said where it is as easy …...

Apr 29 2022

Poker Vlogger Slowplays Pocket Kings

Apr 29 2022 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  poker strategy

Since making the move to Las Vegas a year ago, poker vlogger Jaman Burton continues to provide his growing subscriber base with fun and enthralling footage straight from the poker table. Despite being the host of The Drawing Dead, Jaman was drawing anything but dead when he looked down at pocket kings at the Bellagio. …...

Apr 27 2022

[QUIZ] Do You Know How to Play vs Preflop Raises?

It's extremely tough to become a long-term winning poker player without a good grasp on the fundamentals… …and one of the most important fundamentals is only playing hands that profit when a player raises in front of you. This quiz will put you in 8 different preflop situations in which you face a raise before the flop. Sometimes there will be a...

Defending The Big Blind Multiway

Apr 27 2022 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  free-header poker strategy

One of the biggest mistakes that I see in weak players is that they defend their big blind too wide when facing multiway action. In today’s article, I want to discuss adjustments that need to be made when calling in the big blind multiway. Poker is a game that is constantly evolving, 5-6 years ago …...

What is Overbetting in Poker & When Should You Overbet?

Apr 27 2022 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker strategy

When used correctly, overbetting can represent one of the most powerful moves in a poker player’s arsenal. By definition, an overbet occurs when a player uses a bet sizing that’s bigger than the size of the pot. For example, if the pot is $100, and a player bets $150, that large bet qualifies as an overbet. The overbet marks a staple of modern...

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