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Oct 27 2021

How a Top Live Poker Crusher Deals with Six-Figure Losses

Oct 27 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  introductory live poker poker strategy

Unless you’re an absolute sicko, you probably hate losing money....

Oct 26 2021

Know When To Cash Out

Oct 26 2021 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  free-header poker strategy

It’s the dream dilemma for every poker player. You've built up your bankroll and now it's time to convert some of those numbers on the screen into crisp dollar bills. But how do you know how much to take out so that you can meet your needs, but still have some green in reserve to … Know When To...

Oct 22 2021


Oct 22 2021 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  poker strategy

GG Poker Super Millions Final Table Hand Review While GG Poker's weekly $10,000 buy-in Millions tournament usually draws a crowd, the field was even bigger when GG put on a SUPER Millions tournament for not just one, but five million dollars. With five players remaining and millions on the line, we review this hand where, …...

Oct 19 2021

Uncommon Check-Raise Bluff Hands

Oct 19 2021 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  free-header poker strategy

In todays articles, I want to discuss unintuitive situations for check-raise bluffs when defending from the big blind. It is no myth that players under check-raise, which stems from the inability to identify these unintuitive 3-bet bluffing hands. Today we will discuss some of these hands and properties they possess. Incorporating these hands into your …...

Oct 16 2021

Should NEGREANU Fold AK?

Oct 16 2021 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  poker strategy

Super High Roller Bowl VI Overview The whole poker world was buzzing over this hand involving Kid Poker himself, Daniel Negreanu, and newly crowned (or jacketed) Poker Master Michael Addamo. In the Super High Roller Bowl, where the price of entry is $300k, only the stiffest of competition comes ready to play, leading to this …...

Oct 15 2021

How to Play King-Queen Suited in Cash Games (Preflop and Postflop)

King-Queen suited is a pretty premium hand, but that doesn't stop your average poker player from playing it poorly. It's hard to mess up too much with super- premiums like pocket Aces or even Ace-King. But I see players overplay and underplay King-Queen...

Oct 12 2021

How to Play Trips Flops Like a Poker Boss

Trips flops are the rarest kind of flops in poker. Out of a total of 22,100 distinct flops, only 52 of them are trips flops. This means that you will encounter such a flop once every 400 flops or so. Nonetheless, trips flops are still part of the game, so it's still worth your time to learn about them. This article covers playing...

Who Is Folding Pairs?

Oct 12 2021 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  free-header poker strategy

If you can find a guy who is folding pairs, you can collect tens of big blinds without a hand. If you can find a guy who isn’t folding pairs, you can collect much, much more. Utilizing The Threebet Most threebet bluffing strategies these days work to isolate a person who flats threebets too much. … Who Is...

Episode 363: ICM with Dara O’Kearney

Irish poker pro and long-time friend of the show Dara O'Kearney joins Andrew to discuss his new book, Endgame Poker Strategy. The interview is packed with strategy discussion of final table play, ICM, and related concepts, plus a little James ... Read more...

Oct 08 2021

Should He Fold Pocket Aces to a Close Friend? (Analysis)

When two friends clash at the poker table, it generally goes one of three ways: Some friends go after each other relentlessly; Others (consciously or unconsciously) try to avoid each other; And some just play their game and let the cards fall where they may. I ended up in this situation when I squared off vs my podcast co-host and friend Dara O’Kearney...

ADDAMO Is Put To The TEST Heads-Up

Oct 08 2021 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  poker strategy

Final Table Heads-Up Overview 2021 Poker Masters winner Michael Addamo not only has a purple jacket in his wardrobe, but also has four (you read that correctly) GG Poker Super Millions tournament wins to his name, and in this hand, we see him chase his fifth Super Millions win against tournament qualifier Hightroler, who satellited …...

Oct 06 2021

How to Play Pocket Queens in Cash Games (Preflop & Postflop)

Who doesn't love looking down at Pocket Queens? The ladies are the third strongest starting hand in No Limit Hold’em, and you should expect to win the pot very often when you get them. Despite the raw power of Pocket Queens, not everyone knows how to play them optimally. With the help of this article, however, you can increase your win-rate and find...

Oct 05 2021

The Triple Threat Of Poker

Oct 05 2021 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  free-header poker strategy

Poker is the ultimate game of strategy and skill, but like anything, even if you're at the top of your game there is always room for improvement. Whether you're a poker newb or you've done your fair share of time at sit-and-go tournaments, if you're looking to elevate your wins and shrink your loses, then …...

Oct 01 2021

Doug Polk Semi-Bluffs All-In With $3.7 Million at Stake (Analysis)

To mark the beginning of the 2021 World Series of Poker (which started yesterday), today's article zooms in on a key hand from the 2017 WSOP....

$100K Pot in a High Stakes Live Cash Game

Oct 01 2021 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  poker strategy

High Stakes Cash Game Overview As the title suggests, this exciting flush versus flush hand from Season 12 of Poker After Dark attracted a large pot, but also a strategy segment from yours truly! Featuring established pro Justin Young and Main Event Final Table veteran Ben Lamb, this hand not only hit six figures, but …...

Sep 29 2021

What is a Solver in Poker? How Solvers Work & How to Think About Them

A solver is a powerful piece of poker software that calculates ‘optimal’ strategies (called solutions) for user-inputted scenarios. The most commonly used solvers include PioSolver, GTO+ and Simple Postflop. Solvers have changed the game since they became commercially available in 2015, raising the standard of play significantly. A solver's solutions contain a lot of valuable insights, but how exactly do solvers work? And...

Sep 28 2021

Episode 362: Chris Pavelchik

Poker room manager Chris Pavelchik joins Andrew to discuss the logistics of opening a new poker room: hiring, training, marketing, and much more. In the strategy segment, Andrew talks about adapting to high-rake underground games (or really any loose-passive game). ... Read more...

Bankrolling Small Stakes: What to Know

Sep 28 2021 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  free-header poker strategy

In today’s article, I want to talk about how to approach a bankroll for small stakes poker, and things you need to pay attention to. I want to discuss what I would do with a $5,000-$10,000 bankroll. I chose this article and bankroll numbers because I feel there is a large population in this range …...

Sep 24 2021

When Should You Call With Just Ace-High?

Do you ever try calling with Ace-high? You probably see the pros pulling off this move pretty often on live streams. But, unless you've worked on this part of the game, you may be making these relatively light calls at the wrong times. This article explains when it is (and isn't) okay to call with an Ace- high hand. Let’s begin! When You Should...

Brad Owen is Put in a TOUGH Spot

Sep 24 2021 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  poker strategy

Overview This hand comes from the top poker vlogger in the industry, Brad Owen, playing in a live cash game at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada! In this live cash game hand, Brad is in a tough spot on the river facing a check- raise. Multi-way spots can be difficult to play, but check out … Brad...

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