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Nov 18 2020

[QUIZ] Do You Know Which Hands to Bluff-Catch?

Get your thinking cap on because you are about to embark on a quiz about bluff-catching. A bluff-catcher is a hand that can beat the bluffs in your opponent’s range, but none of the value hands. You will be presented with 10 hand scenarios. Your goal is to choose the best bluff-catching hand out of 3 possible options....

Sep 09 2020

[QUIZ] Can You Play These 10 Flush Draws Optimally?

Your skills with flush draws are about to be put to the test with ten example scenarios. You will play as the aggressor in the first six hands, then as the defender in the final four hands. Keep in mind that in close situations, the correct answer is the action PioSolver chooses most often. Take a moment to focus your mind, and...

Aug 28 2020

[QUIZ] Can You Ace 10 Super Tough Poker Questions?

There are dozens of poker quizzes here on Upswing Poker. Over the past few days, my team and I sifted through each of them to find the 10 questions that were answered incorrectly at the highest frequency. In other words, these are the most challenging Upswing Poker quiz questions ever. All were answered correctly by less than 40% of quiz-takers. Good luck! If...

Aug 18 2020

[QUIZ] Do You Bluff (& Semi-Bluff) Like A Pro?

As Doug Polk likes to say, bluffing is life in poker. 10 years ago you could be a wimpy bluffer and still win in most games. These days, however, you need to have a good handle on this foundation of the game. In this quiz you will be presented with 10 hand scenarios. Your goal is to choose the most effective bluffing hand...

May 07 2020

Quiz: Online MTT Quiz

May 07 2020 Published at PokerCoaching.com under tags  free-header poker quizzes

Knowing when to 3-bet preflop and how much to bet will make you a much better player. Take our quiz to see how you stack up! The post Quiz: Online MTT Quiz first appeared on PokerCoaching.com.

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