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Mar 31 2021

Sky Is Wrong: HUDs Are Bad For You. Kinda.

Mar 31 2021 Published at Smart Poker Study under tags  guest posts poker hud

"Occasionally, you need to just turn off all the technology and GTO and HUDs and software and all the other damn crap, and just play some real poker." -Dave "Memphis Mojo" Smith TL;DR Executive Summary: Using a Head-up Display (HUD) can have harmful effects on your poker game in the long-run. Players who multi-table online with HUDs typically can...

Sep 04 2020

Correctly Interpreting Major HUD Stats to Adjust Your Play

Using a Heads Up Display (HUD) has become the norm in modern online poker. You’ll struggle to find a serious player who plays without a HUD as the advantages of using HUD are just too big to pass on. But just having a bunch of stats on your screen won’t really make you a better player. Understanding what all these different numbers stand...

Aug 13 2020

VPIP & PFR: Two Crucial HUD Stats to Learn

Using the assistance of a Heads Up Display, or simply HUD, has almost become the norm in today’s online poker environment. Once you move up the stakes and especially if you’re playing cash games, you’ll be at a serious disadvantage if you aren’t using a HUD of some sort. A HUD basically provides you with the breakdown of the statistical information you...

Aug 06 2020

Three Steps to Boost Your Winnings with a Poker HUD

If you like to play online poker, you’ve probably heard of or tried out different tracking tools. Many players struggle with learning how to get the most out of their tracking software. This is true for both winning and recreational players. There are endless tools to aid a modern poker player in making decisions at the tables....

May 31 2020

How to Setup Your Poker Hud - Part 2

[Note: I now have a much more comprehensive and up to date blog post on how to set up your HUD which you can find here.] Assigning colors to your HUD stats can help you quickly sort through information. As mentioned in the comments in Part 1 of this post, it is probably best to use the familiar green (go), yellow (yield) and...

Can You Win at Online Poker Without Using a HUD? [2020]

A lot of people want to know if you can win at online poker without using a HUD. I see this question on forums all the time and I get emails about it as well. Here is the short answer: Yes, you can win at online poker without using a HUD. However, you are putting yourself at a big disadvantage by not using...

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