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Nov 02 2022

5 Easy Ways to Read Their Poker Hand (Works Every Time!)

This article was written by blackrain79.com contributor Fran Ferlan.Reading your opponent’s hand is more art than science. When playing poker, it’s nearly impossible to zero in on your opponent’s exact hole cards.However, there are techniques you can use to narrow down your opponent’s range to make better decisions on the felt.You don’t have to be a poker savant or have psychic abilities to...

May 31 2020

The Only Poker Hand Reading Guide You Need [2020]

Hand reading is really at the height of mastering the game of poker. This is the expert level stuff that the pros are best at. Hand reading in poker is the ability to guess somebody's hand or range of hands correctly in any given situation. Being able to read somebody's poker hand is immensely important because it basically allows you to play perfect...

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