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Nov 10 2021

The 5 Best Poker Bluffing Hands (Skyrocketed My Winnings!)

This article was written by blackrain79.com contributor Fran Ferlan. Bluffing is arguably the most exciting part of no-limit Texas hold’em. There’s nothing quite like the rush of pushing your opponent out of a huge pot while holding absolute air. However, it’s also one of the aspects of poker that players tend to struggle with the most. They either run huge ill-advised

May 31 2020

The Art of Bluffing at the Micros: When to do it and Why

One of the oldest rules in the book at the micros is to "never bluff." So why would I write an article about bluffing at the micros then you might ask? Well, because poker as we know it on the internet has changed a lot over the years and bluffing is now profitable against some opponents at these stakes. Long gone are the...

How to Bluff the River Like a Poker Pro [2020]

One of the best ways to increase your winrate at the micros is to become better at playing the river. The reason why is pretty simple. Bet sizes (and pot sizes) are higher on average on this street than on any other. Therefore, you stand to gain the most by mastering this street. Most people at the lower stakes are reasonably good at...

Can You Win at Poker Without Bluffing? It Might Shock You

People often ask me can you win at poker without bluffing and I think my answer is a little bit shocking to some of them. Yes, you absolutely can win at poker without bluffing! In fact most big winning poker players actually do very little bluffing. Televised poker in particular tends to skew our perception of the game by hand picking a lot...

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