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Sep 14 2020

Episode 334: Peter Alson

Peter Alson, author of the new poker novel The Only Way to Play It and coauthor of a Stu Ungar biography, joins us to discuss The Mayfair Club, poker in fiction, writing about poker for a general audience, working for a bookie, and more. Peter recommends buying from Bookshop.org.Douglas Stewart was our guest on Episode 237.Other novels mentioned were The...

May 31 2020

9 Easy Poker Hacks For People With Little Time or Money

Do you want to become a consistent winning poker player? How about just make enough money from poker for a decent side income? These are reasonable poker goals to have especially for those of you who play the lower limits like I discuss on this blog. However, many people these days have busy lives full of obligations like work, family, school and so...

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