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Jun 08 2022

Red Chip Poker GTO Ranges App Review: The Best Tool to Stay Sharp with Your Ranges

Over the last couple of years, the poker space has been inundated with various GTO (game theory optimal) and solver apps meant to help players improve and stay sharp with their ranges and play. Red Chip Poker’s GTO Ranges app attempts to cut through the noise and keep things simple and easy to understand while still giving those who want a little more...

Feb 12 2022

Top-rated Apps to Play Online Poker

Online poker has no doubt become a craze amongst poker enthusiasts. In the same way, online poker apps have worked tooth and nail to optimize the most efficient intuitive lobbies, multi-tabling opportunities, and fast folding amongst various other gaming features for its players. This makes each online poker app unique in its aspects to portray the best playing experience for gamers!...

Jun 28 2021

The Rise and Rise of Mobile Poker Apps

Two decades ago, smartphones were not that popular. And mobile gaming was simply nonexistent. During the early 2000s, online poker's popularity rose tremendously during the poker boom. As a result, to satisfy the ever- increasing demand, poker rooms were mushrooming everywhere, with market leaders such as PartyPoker leading the way. By the end of the poker boom, smartphones were becoming increasingly popular which created...

May 19 2020

Episode 325: People Want to Play Poker with Matt Glassman

May 19 2020 Published at Thinking Poker under tags  jai alai podcast poker apps

Long-time friend of the show Matt Glassman joins us for a discussion about the future of baseball, poker (he's optimistic), Congress, and more.Subscribe to the Thinking Poker newsletter for the latest on Play Optimal Poker 2, coming May 25.Join the Play Optimal Poker Facebook group to discuss both books.Timestamps0:30 hello & welcome11:38 strategy24:24 matt glassman Matt Glassman...

Apr 28 2020

Episode 324: Pandemic Poker with Ben Saxton

Ben Saxton joins Andrew to discuss the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the poker world, from WSOP delays to poker apps to Zoom-based home games. In the strategy segment, they discuss playing out of position in multiway pots. Ben previously appeared on Episode 281.The Collected Short Stories of Anton ChekhovLeVar Burton Reads podcastAffiliate LinksLearn Pro PokerRange...

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