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Jul 26 2022

5 Signs You Are Better At Poker Than Most People

This article was written by blackrain79.com contributor Fran Ferlan.There are a ton of poker articles on improving your game, fixing your leaks, listicles of things you're doing wrong and so on and so forth. There's nothing wrong with this type of content, and trying to improve your game is nothing but laudable, but always reading up on things you're doing wrong can lead...

Jul 19 2022

6 Secrets Rich Poker Pros Don't Want You to Know

This article was written by blackrain79.com contributor Fran Ferlan.If you want to achieve success in any field, your best bet is to look for people who’ve been there, done that, then do your best to emulate them.The same is true with poker. This article will show you 6 pieces of advice I’ve learned from the very best in this game, and how you...

Jul 05 2022

Only The TOP 1% of Poker Players Know This

This article was written by blackrain79.com contributor Fran Ferlan.If you’re even vaguely familiar with the fundamental winning poker strategy, you already know that the best way to win in poker is to play your strong hands aggressively in position.These three components are the cornerstone of the tight and aggressive (TAG) strategy, and it’s by far the best formula to start

May 31 2020

5 Pieces of Poker Advice That Turned Out to be Completely Wrong

You know what they say about opinions and yes, everybody has one. This goes for poker perhaps more than anything. There is never any shortage of people who are willing to give you their "two cents" of poker advice. And it doesn't matter how little success (or complete lack thereof) that they have had playing this game. Or how inexperienced they are either....

The Poker Advice You Need to Hear, But Don't Want To

People come to me all the time with their big poker goals and dreams. They are going to beat limits x, y and z by next month and then start crushing the high stakes games. Then they will hit the WSOP and start crushing that too and make millions more! After that they will retire to their private island in Zanzibar and bask...

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