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Nov 23 2022

The great poker debates!

Nov 23 2022 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  basics opinion poker

Poker games have many potential features, and most players have opinions -- and a lot of them! In this post, we share a few examples with their pros and cons. Rebuys Should players be able to come back after they bust out in a tournament? Yes. If someone is on the wrong end of a bad beat, they should be able to start...

Jun 08 2022

Fans’ Most Loved and Loathed Poker-Playing Celebrities

Jun 08 2022 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  opinion poker

The World Series of Poker often draws various worldwide spectators to watch some of the game’s greats compete on the main stage, but this interest isn’t limited to the general public. Many of these fans – and sometimes the players themselves – include movie stars, musicians, professional athletes, and all sorts of celebrities. While some poker fans may take comfort in sharing interests...

May 11 2022

Is Poker Skill or Luck?

May 11 2022 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  opinion poker

If you had to define the game of poker, would you refer to it as a game of skill or one of luck? Both are important, and runs of good luck can often overtake a lack of skill at least for a few hands. There’s definitely something that keeps the top ranking players in the top ranks, though! Different states in the United...

Mar 09 2022

“Self Defense in Private Poker Games: Part 2 – The Players” by Alan25main

In the second part of his series on self-defense, the late Alan25main focuses on the players. Read on to know what to look for when you're playing in private poker games. -- In part one, we looked at ways to make the deck itself crooked. Today, we’ll look at the players. Other players are essential -- without them, there is no game. It...

Feb 23 2022

“Self Defense in Private Poker Games: Part 1 – The Deck” by Alan25main

How do you protect yourself in private poker games? We at Replay Poker are honored to share Alan25main's last blog series, which is all about staying savvy in these situations. -- In the course of an average week, there are likely to be vast numbers of private card games played for cash. Not all are poker, either. Many dollars change hands at Pinochle...

Dec 22 2021

“The Most Valuable Skill at Poker” by Alan25main

If you could master just one poker skill, what would it be? Alan25main poses this question below, sharing some of the ones he finds most important. -- Poker may be the world’s most complex game that’s commonly played for money (real or pretend doesn’t matter, the principles are identical). Keeping in mind that world-class players master many or most of the needed skills,...

Sep 15 2021

“Why Do We Play Poker?” by Alan25main

Sep 15 2021 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  opinion player stories poker

So, what's the real reason why we play poker? Alan25main discusses several poker settings, and what they all have in common. -- At any given moment, there are almost certainly several million people around the world playing poker. Of course, there are a lot more people just sleeping or working, but we can ignore them for now, while we look just at the...

Aug 18 2021

“Why Poker?” by Alan25main

Aug 18 2021 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  opinion player stories poker

What's kept you busy while at home? Many people have turned to online games to fill the time. Alan25main shares his thoughts on why poker stands out from the crowd. -- Especially over this past year of the pandemic, a lot of people have been searching for a way to keep their minds active and focused while sitting alone with only a computer...

Jul 14 2021

“Thoughts on Observation” by Alan25main

Good poker players take time to notice things. Even online, there are plenty of things to observe. Alan25main details some areas where you can focus your attention to improve your game. -- Suppose you are a brand new recruit to Replay Poker, still stumbling around wondering how to do things. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you’re playing against a machine....

Jun 23 2021

“The Importance of Players” by Alan25main

Do you pay attention to the players at a table before you join a poker game? You should! Alan25main explains why. -- Decisions, decisions! You enter the card room or lobby and see a dozen tables playing your favorite game and at your price–and most have an open seat. How do you decide which table to join? You could pick one at random....

May 19 2021

“Who’s giving you poker advice?” by Marc978

Good poker players don't go it alone. They talk strategy with others, read books and blogs, and ask plenty of questions. But who should you trust? Player and volunteer Marc978 shares his opinion below. -- It's a good idea to seek advice from other poker players and exchange ideas regarding strategy. The question is -- who...

May 12 2021

Alan25main’s thoughts on “How to Spot a Liar”

In our recent blog article, we shared some tips on how to spot a liar at a live poker table. Playing online can be much tougher! Wary of a bluff coming your way? Alan25main shares some tips you can use detect them at Replay's tables. -- One of my favorite serious poker thinkers is Mike “The Mad...

Apr 16 2021

“The Real Test of Character” by Alan25main

Apr 16 2021 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  opinion player stories poker

How do you react to a loss? It's never fun to feel the sting of defeat, but the way you handle it could drastically affect your game. Read Alan25main's take below. -- You’ve watched it online. You’ve seen it on live TV. Most working people see it daily in their careers. We all know people who handle success well. We also all know...

Nov 18 2020

“Ace in the Hole, All-a Time Broke” (Part 2) by Alan25main

What are premium starting hands in Seven Card Stud? They're different than what you may be used to in Hold'em. Alan25main shares his top selections below, along with hands you should be wary of. -- So, what constitutes a “good” starting hand to continue with at Seven Card Stud High only? Cards that work together. Ideally, look for “rolled up” trips in...

Nov 10 2020

“Ace in the Hole, All-a Time Broke” (Part 1) by Alan25main

If you're a fan of Texas Hold'em, but you're looking to try your hand at Seven Card Stud, take caution. Don't go in expecting to play the same way you do in Hold'em. Alan25main shares some key differences between these games. -- “Ace in the hole, all-a time broke,” said no Hold’em player, ever. That came from a stud player. Seven Card...

Sep 23 2020

“Grokking With Your Mark” by Alan25main

You may know your opponents, but do you KNOW your opponents? Alan25main writes about the importance of identifying with other players in order to better understand their game. -- In a novel called Stranger in a Strange Land, science fiction author Robert Heinlein coined the verb “to grok.” He called it a Martian concept and...

Aug 13 2020

“The Essential Elements of a Winning Poker Player” by Alan25main

If you want to be consistently successful at the poker table, there are some key traits you'll need to get there. Alan25main shares the most important attributes he feels will help you see regular gains in your bankroll. -- Everything that follows is opinion – my opinion – and your opinion may vary and still be valid. In fact, considering there are at...

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