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Jul 01 2022

Should He Try To Bluff The Recreational Player? (Analysis)

I've analyzed a lot of high stakes tournament hands here on the Upswing Poker blog, so I figured some readers might appreciate a dip into a low stakes hand. After all, tournaments in the $10-50 buy-in range online and the $100-500 buy- in range live are what the majority of poker players prefer to play. That's why this article zooms in on a hand...

Jun 24 2022

Should He Call All-In With Ace-High in a $250,000 Tournament? (Analysis)

One of the toughest spots in poker is when you have a marginal hand and face a decision for all of your chips. It doesn't matter if you play the micros online or live high rollers, these situations are almost always anxiety- inducing. Cut to the Triton $250,000 Buy-In High Roller tournament, in which Daniel Dvoress was put all-in by David Peters when the...

Mar 15 2022

Should He Call This Jam for His Tournament Life? (Analysis)

There is perhaps nothing more satisfying in poker than watching your opponent fall into the trap that you carefully set....

Dec 25 2021

The 5 Best Poker Hand Reviews of 2021

If you like expert poker hand analysis, you've come to the right place. The Upswing Poker team is constantly on the lookout for interesting hands to review. When we stumble upon a great one, we analyze and publish it on the poker strategy blog. This is a list of the 5 most notable/interesting/thought- provoking hands reviewed on the blog this year -- the...

Jul 13 2021

Two Top Pros Play Perfectly with $450,076 on the Line (Hand Analysis)

Welcome to some of the toughest poker games on the planet: $25k High Roller Tournaments. These events attract the best of the best, all competing for millions of dollars and the prestige that comes with winning a high roller title. This article will analyze a crucial hand from a recent online $25k High Roller event. I will run the hand through PioSolver on...

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