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Aug 07 2020

Poker Preflop All-In Calls Explained

No matter if you are playing tournaments or cash games, it comes in handy to know the math behind preflop ranges and how much equity you need in order to make the call with a specific range of hands. Being able to estimate and correctly estimate poker hand ranges both play a major role in […] The post Poker Preflop All-In Calls Explained...

Sep 07 2018

Poker Math and Hand Reading | Q&A Podcast #202

Sep 07 2018 Published at Smart Poker Study Podcast under tags  and breakeven cash games hand

Q1: Poker Math (3:00) Q2: Poker Math and Hand Reading (8:40) Q3: Hand Reading LIVE Unknown Players (15:45) Challenge (20:05) Show Notes with more info, pics and links: http://www.smartpokerstudy.com/pod202 Hosted by Sky Matsuhashi, poker player, poker coach and poker author. Please visit my poker strategy website at http://www.smartpokerstudy.com and sign up for the Weekly Boost for weekly strategy, study and poker play tips....

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