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Mar 05 2021

Poker Tips by George: Beware of Loose-Aggressive (Wild) Games

One of my favorite poker authors is renowned poker psychologist Dr. Alan Schoonmaker. Years ago, in Poker Digest magazine, he published a series on “Selecting and Adjusting to Different Games.” His views on loose-aggressive games merit comment. With two or more loose-aggressive players (Maniacs), expect frequent raises and three-bets,...

Jul 31 2018

Episode 264: Ivey Bluffs It Off

Nate, in a special solo episode, dissects Phil Ivey's bustout hand from the 2018 WSOP Main Event.

Jun 12 2018

Episode 259: Christian Holden

Christian Holden is a professional musician and poker player who lives in an anarchist collective in Worcester, Massachusetts. In this in-person interview, he and Andrew discuss his music, his poker, his politics, and the staking deal he almost had with Martin Shkreli. Plus they talk about game theory and deep- stacked no-limit poker strategy! You should check out Christian's band The Hotelier and follow...

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