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May 15 2023

Why Limping in Poker Ring Games Has Decreased in Popularity

The preflop action of limping in poker was a staple of 1980s and 1990s ring games such as Limit Texas Hold’em and Omaha. By limping, players in early position can commit the minimum and hope to see community cards – as long as the action is not raised preflop by one of the players seated to their left. However, as poker moved online...

Sep 23 2021

Leak 3: Open Limp | Podcast #189

In this episode, I teach you why the open limp is a leak and how to quickly fix it. This episode was originally published on...

Jan 28 2021

Poker Tips by George: Limping

The language of poker often captures my interest and imagination. "Limping" is the term poker players use when calling the Big Blind (BB) to see the flop. It is the minimum amount of chips needed to stay in a hand during the preflop. It may also be identified as a “flat call.” The limper is entering the pot by calling rather than raising....

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