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Dec 26 2021

Review: Endgame Poker Strategy – The ICM Book

Everyone knows that consistently notching good results in poker tournaments is hard. It’s one thing to get lucky and win one big event, but staying profitable over thousands of MTTs takes a lot of skill. One key aspect to achieving this kind of results is to fully understand ICM. the Independent Chip Model. While almost every player out there has heard about ICM...

Dec 14 2021

Episode 367: Adapting to Change

Carlos and Andrew go all in on strategy, discussing how to adapt to new rules and variants (like the new GG Poker final table rules) and how to play from the small blind versus limpers. Our earlier episode, recorded live ... Read more...

Sep 28 2021

Endgame Poker Strategy: The ICM Book (Excerpt)

This is an exclusive excerpt from Endgame Poker Strategy: The ICM Book by Dara O’Kearney and Barry Carter. It is the first book to cover the topic of ICM (poker's Independent Chip Model) and includes everything from the bubble, final tables, game selection, postflop, staking, final table deals and much more....

Sep 12 2021

Why ICM Can Win Or Lose You Thousands $$$

One of the biggest hurdles poker players face when it comes to understanding tournament poker is the idea of ICM, or the Independent Chip Model. While this is definitely a complex idea, especially for those like myself who don’t come from a mathematics background, there are several ways to simplify ICM and take away a broad understanding that you can apply directly to...

May 31 2020

ICM Poker Strategy Simplified (It Might Shock You)

May 31 2020 Published at BlackRain79 - Micro Stakes Poker Strategy under tags  icm

Written by Lars Kyhnau Hansen If you have ever played poker tournaments, you have probably heard the term ICM. It stands for Independent Chip Model, but what is it actually? And how should it influence our strategy, if we are a cash game player mixing in some tournaments on the weekend or getting a ticket for a freeroll? ICM exist in tournaments that...

Oct 21 2019

Episode 310: Brian Koppelman on Cheating

Rounders co-creator Brian Koppelman, who first appeared on Episode 149, joins us with his own thoughts on the conversation about cheating in poker that began with Episode 309. In the strategy segment, Nate and Andrew debate post- flop play on the bubble.Timestamps0:30 - Brian Koppelman37:16 - StrategyStrategyThis is an online tournament on ACR. It’s a $1.10 rebuy...

Jul 02 2018

Episode 261: Andrew Runs Deep

Nate and Andrew discuss key hands from Andrew's 13th place finish in the $2500 no-limit hold 'em WSOP event. Timestamps 0:30 hello 10:56 strat Strategy Hand 1 On the bubble, CO (16K) opens to 5k. Hero calls T9dd in the BB. Flop (13K) AQJd. Hero checks, Villain bets 5k, Hero calls. Turn (23K) 6. Both check. River (23) 3. Hero shoves for 6K,...

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