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May 26 2021

The Bare Bones HUD for Tourneys and Anonymous Sites

The Bare Bones HUD is exactly what tournament and anonymous site players need to exploit your ever-changing opponents. As online players, we love using a HUD to give us more info to exploit players. But anonymous sites like Ignition and the ever-changing table dynamics of tournaments mean that some HUD stats just don't accumulate fast enough. These 7 essential "bare bones" elements are...

Apr 12 2021

Poker Development Plan, Outs & Odds Practice, Overboard HUD Use | Q&A

3 great questions today about a recommended poker development plan, practicing outs and odds math and going overboard with HUD use. I love answering questions, and I know the answers below will help you. Speaking of helping you, this page with all the links below can be your study guide for the next 2+ months! Imagine avoiding poker overwhelm for 2 full months...

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