Tag: heads up

Oct 30 2021

Dan Bilzerian Vs Alec Gores: A $100 million heads up match?

The amount of money Dan Bilzerian has won in poker is always a bone of contention. He has long claimed to have won tens of millions of dollars on the felt. Well, he has decided to walk the talk if his recent Logan Paul podcast and his autobiography are anything to go by. The primary motivation for the absurd $100 million heads-up match...

Sep 10 2021

Phil Galfond wins challenge for $370,000

Brandon Adams Concedes Defeat in Galfond Challenge Over the past several months, we have witnessed several high profile heads up challenges. Without a doubt, Galfond challenge ranks among the most popular challenges in recent times. Well, the galfond challenge which pitted Phil Galfond against podcaster Brandon Adams is over, albeit...

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