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Jan 16 2023

Episode 393: Tom “Tombos21” Boshoff

Poker theorist Tom "tombos21" Boshoff joins Andrew and Carlos to geek out about everything from how solvers work to when ICM becomes a factor in tournaments (it's sooner than you think!), balancing ICM and stack dynamics in PKOs, and so ... Read more...

Jan 03 2023

Episode 392: Ben Kushigian

Computer scientist and poker player Ben Kushigian talks to Carlos and Andrew about the limitations of poker solvers, what we don't know we don't know about them, how they could be improved, the potential for open source solutions, and more. ... Read more...

Aug 16 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Be Studying or Playing GTO Poker

GTO or Game Theory Optimal is a strategy in poker in which players use mathematical concepts to find the best possible outcome given the available information. If you ever hear someone talking about a solver, they are talking about GTO. GTO poker has become the prevailing strategy among professional poker players over the last decade and has been embraced in particular by the...

Jun 08 2022

Red Chip Poker GTO Ranges App Review: The Best Tool to Stay Sharp with Your Ranges

Over the last couple of years, the poker space has been inundated with various GTO (game theory optimal) and solver apps meant to help players improve and stay sharp with their ranges and play. Red Chip Poker’s GTO Ranges app attempts to cut through the noise and keep things simple and easy to understand while still giving those who want a little more...

Dec 05 2021

Why Learning GTO is Important in Poker

As a member of the poker world, you must've come across the word "GTO" plenty of times over the recent years. But what is this really? And does it make a difference to learn and apply this strategy? How does it affect your poker game? To find out, stay hooked as we have compiled all the answers to your questions! So, keep...

Aug 16 2021

Episode 260: Kathy Liebert

Kathy Liebert, a true legend of the game, shares tales from the pre-Boom tournament circuit (including her stint as a prop player). She and Andrew compare notes on how an old-school pro can best make use of game theory and ... Read more...

Sep 21 2020

Using Poker Trackers In 2020 – 3 Tips For You

Let’s be honest; it is one thing to be playing in one of your local poker rooms and entirely another one if you decide to compete online. Simply put, you will surely face tougher opponents and much more serious competition online, so better be ready than sorry. The poker world is already...

May 26 2020

Episode 326: Play Optimal Poker 2

May 26 2020 Published at Thinking Poker under tags  game theory optimal gto podcast

Nate and Andrew discuss Play Optimal Poker 2: Range Construction, available now from Amazon (paperback/Kindle) or the Nitcast Store (all e-book formats). Includes chapter-by-chapter discussion of the book's contents.The original Play Optimal Poker e-book is currently 67% off on Amazon or Nitcast.com.

Nov 18 2019

Episode 312: Range Construction

Andrew goes solo to answer listener questions with an emphasis on range construction.Strategy #1$.02/$.05 NLHE $5 effectiveUTG opens $.15, SB calls, Hero calls 6h 4h from BBFlop ($0.35) Qh Td 4c. Two checks, UTG bets $.13, SB folds, Hero calls.Turn ($0.61) 4s. Hero bets $0.45, Villain calls.River ($1.51) 6d. Hero bets $1.20, Villain raises to $3.20.Strategy...

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