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Sep 14 2022

Poker Tips by George: Winning the Pot with a Weak Hand

Every poker player knows that prudent starting-hand selection is essential for winning. Next, one hopes their hand improves on the flop. After all, the best hand on the flop usually is favored to take the pot on the showdown. Or is it? The Power of the Raise Even modestly skilled players realize the power of the raise. A raise can help you take...

Dec 13 2021

Poker Tips by George: Table Selection

Almost all poker players are aware of the need to carefully select their starting hands. There are many charts available for that purpose. Some of us use the Hold’em Algorithm to help. But few players give much thought to selecting the table at which they will invest their chips. Table selection is based on the poker traits of our opponents, knowledge of which...

Nov 26 2021

Poker Tips by George: Skills Are the Key

Be it your career, your family life, poker, or any other game, skills are essential to success. Without skills, you are just gambling – depending on luck to influence your outcomes. And based on the mathematical probabilities, while you COULD win, most likely you will end up losing a little when gambling. If you're already determined to play luck-based games, you may as...

Oct 29 2021

Poker Tips by George: The Beauty of Slow Play

Deception is a vital part of the game of Texas Hold 'Em. If you rarely try to deceive your opponents, you are hardly ever a winner. Bluffing and semi- bluffing are the deceptive strategies most often used. But, hard to believe, there are recreational and novice players who insist they will “never” bluff. Other deceptive strategies include slow play, trapping, sandbagging, and...

Sep 23 2021

Poker Tips by George: More Daring

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, I sensed positive changes in our poker world. There was a growing interest in the game. Also, judging by my observations, more young adults, especially women, were joining our ranks at the tables. And these younger newbies seemed much less risk-averse – more daring than us old-timers. For a while now, I have been contemplating making some significant...

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