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Apr 27 2021

How to play a Mother’s Day Freeroll … with your mom!

Apr 27 2021 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  basics fiction poker

Replay Poker's Mother's Day Freerolls are just around the corner! Why not get a mom in your life involved? Our Poker Operations Lead, Chasetheriver, shares a story on what it'd be like playing poker on Replay with his own mum. -- My retired mother has shown some...

Jul 02 2019

Episode 301: Matt Matros

Jul 02 2019 Published at Thinking Poker under tags  fiction matt matros mtt nlhe podcast

Matt Matros is a professional poker player and writer whose works include both fiction and poker books. He and Andrew discuss poker, writing, and writing about poker. In the strategy segment, Andrew discusses floating a flop check- raise deep in a WSOP event.Timestamps0:30 Hello5:00 Strategy29:15 Matt Matros MATT MATROS Matt Matros has three WSOP bracelets and an MFA in creative...

Dec 02 2018

The Walter Tine Christmas Special

Dec 02 2018 Published at Thinking Poker under tags  fiction poker poker fiction walter tine

Walter Tine is home for Christmas, but all he wants to do is play poker. Read more about his travails in my latest piece for Two Plus Two Magazine: Walter Tine's Poker Odyssey, Part 4. Walter received several poker books for Christmas – they were the only gift he’d requested – along with a set of plastic chips that he immediately despised....

Nov 12 2018

Walter Tine’s Poker Odyssey Continues

No new podcast this week, but… I've been writing some serialized poker fiction for Two Plus Two Magazine recently, and the third installment was just published. If you've been following along so far, I hope you're eager to read more, because Walter Tine is eager to play! He arrived early, naturally. He wanted to experience it all: the anticipatory butterflies in his stomach,...

Oct 03 2018

Walter Tine Returns!

Last month I went out on a limb and published a (poker-themed) piece of fiction in Two Plus Two Magazine. I wrote it primarily as a standalone story, though it admittedly concluded in an open-ended way. I was pleasantly surprised by how many encouraging comments I received and how many people expressed interest in hearing more from Walter Tine. So, I wrote a...

Sep 02 2018

Walter Tine’s Poker Odyssey

My latest piece for Two Plus Two Magazine is (poker-related) fiction called Walter Tine's Poker Odyssey, so I'm particularly curious to know what you all think of it. If he crossed the street now, they would surmise that he crossed because of them. This would surely cause offense and perhaps even make him look more vulnerable than he already did. No, best to...

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