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Feb 22 2023

How to INSTANTLY Play Better Poker WITHOUT Studying

I’m going to help you play better poker in your very next session and for the rest of your poker journey and, the best part, you don’t have to do ANY STUDYING! Yeppers, if you hate studying poker, this is right up your alley. Watch this podcast episode on my YouTube channel:...

Sep 11 2022

How to KNOW You Can Play Poker for Real Money

There is one leak my students have that makes me go absolutely ballistic. Let’s see if you have it. You are playing a WPT event in Choctaw, Oklahoma, and you look down at K-To. The two players to your left are excellent at their craft, but they’re talking. Are they distracted? The player in the big blind has been playing loose and...

Aug 16 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Be Studying or Playing GTO Poker

GTO or Game Theory Optimal is a strategy in poker in which players use mathematical concepts to find the best possible outcome given the available information. If you ever hear someone talking about a solver, they are talking about GTO. GTO poker has become the prevailing strategy among professional poker players over the last decade and has been embraced in particular by the...

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