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Dec 01 2020

Poker Tips By George: Understanding Outs

Playing hold’em, starting-hand selection is your most important decision; on average, only 25% are playable. Next is whether to invest further in the hand after the flop is opened on the board. At that point, you will have seen over 70% of your final hand. If your starting hand does improve, most often it will be to a drawing hand that still needs...

Nov 06 2018

Episode 275: John the Once and Future Lawyer

John "the Lawyer" makes a third appearance on the podcast to talk about why he's dipping a few toes back into lawyering. We talk about Stud, the New England poker scene, why the games are getting less good, why prosecutors are the real heroes, where you can find great pop culture coverage of the American legal system, and more. John previously appeared on...

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