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May 31 2020

When to Double Barrel in Poker - A Pro's Guide

I wanted to write a bit about double barreling. When to do it and when not to. Something that I consistently see with the students that I work with is a tendency to bet the turn too much or in the wrong spots. There is definitely a strong theme these days in poker literature, on forums etc about the benefits of being aggressive...

When to Double Barrel the Turn Cheat Sheet - Bet Again on These Cards

A lot of people who are new to poker or play at the lower stakes have trouble with the idea of when to make a double barrel. This is a bet again on the turn after you raised preflop and then bet the flop. And more specifically, they don’t understand what cards to continue betting on. So what happens instead is that in...

Oct 28 2018

Double Barrelling

Apparently I have a reader or two here lol. So I'm gonna post some content more often and put up an article like this from time to time. Note on this article: It mostly applies to NL100 and above where people know where the fold button is a little more. It applies to NL25 and NL50 somewhat also, but if you are a...

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