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Feb 17 2021

What Do They Donk Bet With?

The donk bet is a bet made out of position into the preflop raiser, effectively preempting his cbet on any street. It's a play that confuses many players, myself included, and we all know that committing confused chips can be costly in poker. It seems that donk bets can be made for any reason by any opponent and for any size. So,...

Dec 03 2018

Episode 277: Mixing It Up

Dec 03 2018 Published at Thinking Poker under tags  3-bet balance baudl bet sizing bluff

Nate and Andrew put out an hour of pure strategy, brought to you by our friends at Tournament Poker Edge. Topics include limp-raising, thin value three-betting, donk betting, overbetting, and mixing up your play (or not). Links Contribute to Andrew's BAUDL Fundraising Campaign or learn more about it Shop with our Amazon affiliate links Episode 253 with Bryan Devonshire Timestamps 0:30 -...

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