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Sep 04 2020

Episode 333: Geeking, Grifting, and Gambling with David Sklansky

Sep 04 2020 Published at Thinking Poker under tags  chip reese david sklansky podcast

Legendary poker author David Sklansky returns to the podcast to discuss his new book Geeking, Grifting, and Gambling Through Las Vegas. David first appeared on Episode 300.Timestamps0:30 Strategy34:18 David SklanskyStrategyI ($197) am dealt QcJd in the BB. UTG ( $165) limps, HJ ($710) limps, CO ($168) limps , button folds, SB ($72) completes and I check my...

Jun 24 2019

Episode 300: David Sklansky

Legendary poker author David Sklansky is our guest for Episode 300. We discuss his long career in gambling and writing about gambling, his new book The Theory of Poker Applied to No-Limit, and more. Plus real-time strategy from the WSOP and poker stories from you the listeners. It's all part of the nearly-three-hour Episode 300 Extravaganza!Man of the People is the...

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