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Feb 16 2021

Do You Think Ahead About What Could Go Wrong?

“You need to look for spots where you don’t force yourself into a bad situation... ...You need to think about how a hand is going to play out, in all situations, before you make a raise.” -- Jonathan Little You must think ahead before you finalize a decision. This...

Feb 03 2021

The Shortest Distance to Profits is the Correct Poker Line

“Decisions, decisions, decisions. Poker players talk about this all the time. It’s so important, yeah, yeah, yeah. But most people I play with don’t have a clue what this means, let alone how to make those good decisions. They wouldn’t recognize a good line to take if it bit them on the rear end.”...

Dec 12 2020

Why Aren’t You Doing More Folding? It Free!

“What’s a good fold? A good fold is one that saves you money… …A penny saved is a penny earned in life and business, and it’s also true in poker.” -- Sky Matsuhashi, Smart Poker Study TL;DR Executive Summary:Struggling poker players often...

Jul 21 2020

PAC-man Poker: The 3 Key Preflop Decision Factors of Position, Aggression, and Caution

At its fundamental core, poker is a game of decision making. He who makes the best decisions, makes the most money. And there is nothing more important than the decision whether to play your hand or not. Preflop decision making is the foundation upon which postflop profits are built. And integral to good preflop decisions are the holy trinity of Position, Aggression, and...

Jul 07 2020

Understanding the “Why” of Betting in Poker

The Two Primary Reasons To BetKnowing why to bet in poker is just as important as betting the correct amount. In fact, some would say it's more important. Knowing the why means you can and will make the correct adjustments to your line as the hand progresses. In this section, I discuss the two primary reasons we bet in poker, some secondary...

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