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Nov 23 2022

MSG Sphere Las Vegas – What You Need to Know Before the Opening

Nov 23 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

In a city filled with incredible buildings, one attraction is set to push the standards of entertainment and produce a new Las Vegas wonder full of technology and innovation. Set to open in 2023, the Las Vegas Sphere will undoubtedly become one of the city’s biggest attractions from opening day. The venue will host a variety of events and activities, cementing Las Vegas’...

Nov 12 2022

Big Slot Machine Winners – Biggest Wins Casinos Had To Pay

Nov 12 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

All of us, even those players who primarily gamble for fun, secretly dream of landing a big win in a casino slot game. The prospect of changing your life with one fortunate spin is one of the most appealing aspects slot games offer. That said, the reality of the gambling industry is that most players lose money. Most of us will never hit...

Nov 06 2022

Best Gambling Songs When Playing – We Have You Covered!

Nov 06 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino interesting

An epic rock guitar solo can pump you up for a big session, and a soothing jazz or blues melody can help you set a relaxing tone for a calm night of gambling. Music adds emotion and depth to any experience and can make your gambling session more pleasant and entertaining. Luckily, there are more than enough gambling songs to pick from when...

Oct 31 2022

Professional Blackjack Players – Top 10 Best Gamblers of All Time

Oct 31 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Unlike poker, blackjack doesn’t pit players against one another, which is why professional blackjack players often don’t get the reputation that pro poker players enjoy. The game isn’t as televised, and you can’t really experience the work and skills that go into becoming a professional blackjack player. But, those who climbed to the top have undoubtedly managed to master the game of 21...

Sep 27 2022

Poker Dice Game – How to Play Some Poker Without Cards

Sep 27 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino interesting

Do you like experimenting with different poker variations? If so, there’s hardly a more unique and novel poker game than one involving poker dice. At first thought, how can such a game even work? Moreover, is it a player- friendly game, and where can you play these games? We’ll go over the history of poker dice and card games, discussing everything from simple gameplay...

Sep 13 2022

How to Win Scratch Off Tickets – Top 9 Secrets to Help You Win

Sep 13 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Scratch off cards are a fun and exciting way to try your luck without getting too invested like with some other games. And while you probably already know that a strategy on how to win scratch offs every time does not exist, you probably don’t know that there are some strategies that you can implement to put yourself in the best position to...

Sep 03 2022

Roulette Numbers Layout – Learn the Roulette Wheel by Heart

Sep 03 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

As roulette is a luck-based game, you don’t need to know many things or have significant tactical knowledge to play it. But one thing that can greatly increase your experience and even impact your success in the game is knowing the roulette wheel numbers. With that in mind, there are several types of roulette games, each featuring different roulette numbers in terms of...

Aug 29 2022

Get Ready for the 2022 Marrakech Poker Open Starting From September 2

The famed Casino de Marrakech is all set to welcome the poker lovers for the 2022 Marrakech Poker Open, starting from September 2 to September 11. This famous casino is no stranger to hosting such prestigious poker events. In 2019, Casino de Marrakech hosted the WPTDeepStacks Main event, which attracted 545 participants. The Spanish player Alejandro Roman secured the title for DH 1,100,000...

Aug 27 2022

Facebook Casino Games – Enjoy Best Free Slots

Aug 27 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Facebook casino games are an excellent choice if you like gambling online but don’t want to spend any money doing so. Moreover, the social element of Facebook casino games allows you to play with your friends, share your successes, and enjoy a sense of community while gambling for free. That said, with so many Facebook games available, you need to know which games...

Aug 20 2022

EU Casinos – Find the Biggest Casinos in Europe

Aug 20 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

When talking about the biggest and most extravagant casinos in the world, most gamblers would first think of Las Vegas, Macau, or even Atlantic City. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that European casinos aren’t closely associated with the topic of the biggest gambling establishments worldwide. However, this doesn’t mean that the...

Aug 13 2022

Biggest Slot Machine Wins – What Are The Top Jackpots Of All Time?

Aug 13 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Many of us have at least once dreamt of hitting a huge slot machine jackpot that would change our lives for the better and for most of us this remains a dream. However, the people on this list don’t have to dream anymore as they were lucky enough to win the biggest slot machine prizes in history. 10\. $14.3 Million –...

Aug 06 2022

Blackjack Hand Signals – How to Play Like A Pro

Aug 06 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

When you go online and search about the basic rules related to blackjack, you will find general information and other essential stuff to get as close to 21 without going over. However, though it's vital information about blackjack strategy, there are some subtleties of playing this game at brick-and-mortar casinos that online gaming doesn't teach you. In fact, one of the biggest cons...

Jul 30 2022

Responsible Gambling – How to Gamble Responsibly and Safe

Jul 30 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Many people gamble and play casino games to escape the hardships of the real world. They spend countless hours at online casinos playing their favorite games and forget what's happening around them. This can be a feel-good moment for you, but eventually, you have to return to your regular life routine. Gambling can make...

Jul 21 2022

Different Types of Slot Machines – How to Pick the Best Slots for You?

Jul 21 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Ever since slot machines were introduced into casinos, they have been one of the most popular casino games. If you are new to real money slots, there is a decent chance that you will need to help to better understand all the different types of gambling machines and how they operate. In this article, we have prepared a list of all the...

Jul 15 2022

Blackjack Dealer Salary Revealed: Dream Job or Nightmare?

Jul 15 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

If you enjoy gambling, being a blackjack dealer may seem like one of the greatest jobs in the world. You get to play your favorite casino games only from the other side of the table! The gambling industry is getting competitive, and casinos everywhere are looking for qualified dealers to fill the jobs. Working as a blackjack dealer in...

Jul 07 2022

Best Slot Machines to Play at the Casino – Highest RTP & More!

Jul 07 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Online casino lobbies offer thousands of different slot titles to pick from these days, sometimes making a choice a difficult one. There are many things to consider in picking the best slot machines to play, although the game’s RTP and volatility should be among your primary concerns. Of course, you also want to find a game that looks...

Jun 30 2022

How Do Casinos Make Money From Different Games?

Jun 30 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Whether you’re playing at an old-fashioned brick-and-mortar casino or a cutting-edge online gambling site, one old saying always applies - the house always wins. Some gamblers justify this by saying that casinos rig games and cheat their customers out of their money. Others have a more responsible approach and understand that the gambling industry is simply another branch of business, and the casinos...

Jun 23 2022

Is Online Blackjack Rigged or a Fair Game?

Jun 23 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Blackjack is one of the simplest gambling games involving at least some skill element. You can learn it within minutes and start playing it in the comfort of your home on an online casino of your choice. But, playing blackjack online from your room is different than playing it at a real-life casino table. This often leads blackjack...

Jun 17 2022

European Roulette Wheel Breakdown – Learn How to Play This Variation

Jun 17 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Roulette is one of the first gambling games introduced in casinos and has been one of the most popular games to bet on for centuries. It’s exciting, offers a lot of betting opportunities, and is very easy to learn. That said, if you’ve never played roulette, you might think that all roulette wheels are the same. However, they differ in...

Jun 09 2022

How to Pick Lottery Numbers – Top Pick Tips for You

Jun 09 2022 Published at MyPokerCoaching under tags  casino

Most of us have played the lottery at least once. Even those who haven’t sometimes think about how it would feel to land all the right numbers and win the top amount. Fortunately, lotteries are so simple that anyone can play them, even without any previous knowledge. That said, there’s a difference between just picking numbers blindly and using different strategies and patterns....

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