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Jan 21 2022

Garrett Flops the Nuts and Plays a $180,000 Pot (Analysis)

Garrett Adelstein is known as one of the best live poker players in the world. If you watch live streams, there's a good chance you've seen him in action. Today, we are going to analyze a hand from the Hustler Casino live stream that features Garrett facing off against Gal Yifrach in a humongous pot...

Dec 25 2021

The 5 Best Poker Hand Reviews of 2021

If you like expert poker hand analysis, you've come to the right place. The Upswing Poker team is constantly on the lookout for interesting hands to review. When we stumble upon a great one, we analyze and publish it on the poker strategy blog. This is a list of the 5 most notable/interesting/thought- provoking hands reviewed on the blog this year -- the...

Dec 17 2021

DoorDash Founder Fires $20k Overbet Bluff with Queen-High (Analysis)

For decades, wealthy people have loved to dabble in high-stakes poker games. One such billionaire poker enthusiast is Stanley Tang, the founder of the delivery app DoorDash, who is worth an estimated $2.2 billion dollars. He recently played a session on Hustler Casino Live, where he attempted a bold $20,350 bluff. It might be easier to bluff a couple of stacks of high...

Dec 10 2021

Magic Antonio Tries to Bluff Aces with 9-5 Offsuit (Analysis)

Live games can get crazy at times, especially in high stakes games that are streamed for thousands of viewers. Some players love to make ambitious (and sometimes reckless) plays when there is an audience to entertain. This recent hand between Antonio Esfandiari and Jeremy Levin from Hustler Casino Live is a great example. "Magic Antonio" flops middle pair, but he ends up turning...

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