Tag: board textures

Jun 28 2022

Play Like a Pro When The Turn Pairs The Middle Card

When the turn card pairs the board in a heads-up pot, the dynamic between the players changes greatly. This article will help you play these spots better than you currently are. The following content focuses on when to continue betting (as the preflop raiser who c-bet on the flop) in single raised pots when the board pairs on the turn. I'll refer to...

Oct 12 2021

How to Play Trips Flops Like a Poker Boss

Trips flops are the rarest kind of flops in poker. Out of a total of 22,100 distinct flops, only 52 of them are trips flops. This means that you will encounter such a flop once every 400 flops or so. Nonetheless, trips flops are still part of the game, so it's still worth your time to learn about them. This article covers playing...

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