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Jan 12 2021

Top Online Poker Strategies Used by Skilled Players

Not all of us will have the good fortune to ever compete at a World Series of Poker event. Most of us will play in our home games, online, or at our local casinos. With that said, there is no reason why we should be prevented from enjoying all that the game of poker has to offer. Think about some of the reasons...

Dec 27 2020

Poker Tips By George: Bluffing on the Turn

I have a huge poker library, including my own three books. One of the best is “Poker for Dummies” by the memorable Lou Krieger, co-authored with Richard Harroch. Enjoying the warm fall weather, I was scanning the book while relaxing in my backyard. A section on “Bluffing on the Turn” caught my attention. Superb! My first thought was to share it...

Nov 16 2020

Simple Poker Bluff Math

The honest truth is that poker bluffs are simple with a small amount of math. But in saying that, I also realize that many players are scared of poker math. It can look overwhelming at first, but with some basic knowledge it becomes very easy to do. And with a just little bit of extra […] The post Simple Poker Bluff Math first...

May 31 2020

10 Easy Ways to Tell if Someone is Bluffing in Poker

How do you tell if someone is bluffing in poker? Well, to be honest, for most poker pros it is actually pretty easy. And that is because there are many dead giveaways to tell if somebody is bluffing whether you are playing online poker or live poker. Many of these are made by amateurs in particular. So here are the top 10 easy...

Mar 20 2018

Become a Better Bluffer | MED Monday #9

Mar 20 2018 Published at Smart Poker Study Podcast under tags  bluffing

http://www.smartpokerstudy.com/MEDMonday Article: http://www.thepokerbank.com/strategy/basic/bluffing/ Hosted by Sky Matsuhashi, poker player, poker coach and poker author. Please visit my poker strategy website at http://www.smartpokerstudy.com and sign up for the Weekly Boost for weekly strategy, study and poker play tips. Support my show on Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/smartpokerstudy Add my Alexa Skill to your Flash Briefing: http://amzn.to/2hRYj75

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