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Jan 12 2021

Episode 343: Matt Clark

Marketing Manager of the World Poker Tour Matt Clark joins us to discuss the past and future of marketing poker to the masses. The book Matt recommended is Strokes of Genius. You can follow him on Twitter. You can support ... Read more...

Nov 04 2019

Episode 311: The Nuts

In this all-strategy episode, Nate and Andrew discuss the importance of drawing to the nuts in PLO8 and why pot odds can be deceptive. Then Andrew talks about how to make bluffing decisions based on blockers.Strategy Hand #1It is level 6 (60/120) of a PLO8 tournament, starting stacks are 5k. UTG, HJ and CU limp to hero in the BB with...

Sep 10 2019

Episode 306: Encore!

Nate and Andrew discuss Mambo Stud, some innovative policies at the new Encore Boston Harbor casino, and two interesting strategy hands.Timestamps0:30 Hello & Welcome/Encore/Mambo Stud16:56 StrategyStrategyHand 11/2 NLHE. Hero has $750 8 handed. Main villain has $300.Hero in BB with Kd5s, four limpers, checks.$8 AsKh10s blinds check button bets $10, only Hero calls.Turn $28...

Sep 05 2019

Episode 305: Private Games with Phil Galfond

Phil Galfond, who previously appeared on Episode 229 and Episode 288, discusses delegating, the online poker economy, and the trend towards private and semi-private casino games. Follow Phil on Twitter and check out Run It Once.Timestamps0:30 Hello3:03 Strategy23:43 Phil GalfondStrategyI'm in EP and raise to $12 with black aces. Villain calls from the cutoff with ~$140,...

Apr 02 2019

Episode 290: Brad Willis

This wide-ranging interview explores not only Brad Willis's new project Murder Etc but also creativity, journalism, the podcasting medium, and what it means to know a place.Timestamps0:30 - Hello & welcome3:11 - Strategy35:40 - Brad Willis Links Tyler ChildersBilly StringsMarcus King BandDavid Joy Strategy0.10/$0.25 NLHE Cash, 6 Handed.I am sitting in BB with 10s...

Jan 14 2019

Episode 282: F*** You, Give Me Candy and Toys

Carlos Welch is over live poker. He's currently teaching special education in Portland and grinding mid-stakes MTTs on Ignition. In addition to his recent exploits, he and Andrew discuss tells and bluff-catching. Timestamps 0:30 Hello & Welcome 42:21 Strategy Links Mediocre Poker Coaching with CarlosTournament Poker EdgeReading Poker Tells (the best books/videos on live poker tells) Strategy Blinds 500/1000/100. Hero opens...

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