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Jul 30 2021

Games With Kids

Though I don't have children of my own, I get along well with kids and generally enjoy spending time with them. In particular, I find it fascinating to inhabit, as well as I can, their worlds for little bits of ... Read more...

Jan 05 2019

Walter Tine Gets Stoned

In the latest installment of my poker serial, our hero finds himself in a Seven-Card Stud game, among other new experiences: “First time?” Mike laughed good naturedly at his hesitation. “It’s already lit, just suck it a little, like a straw. There you go. Wait, wait, don’t blow it out yet.” Walter did his best to oblige, holding his breath as he...

Nov 12 2018

Walter Tine’s Poker Odyssey Continues

No new podcast this week, but… I've been writing some serialized poker fiction for Two Plus Two Magazine recently, and the third installment was just published. If you've been following along so far, I hope you're eager to read more, because Walter Tine is eager to play! He arrived early, naturally. He wanted to experience it all: the anticipatory butterflies in his stomach,...

Oct 03 2018

Walter Tine Returns!

Last month I went out on a limb and published a (poker-themed) piece of fiction in Two Plus Two Magazine. I wrote it primarily as a standalone story, though it admittedly concluded in an open-ended way. I was pleasantly surprised by how many encouraging comments I received and how many people expressed interest in hearing more from Walter Tine. So, I wrote a...

Sep 02 2018

Walter Tine’s Poker Odyssey

My latest piece for Two Plus Two Magazine is (poker-related) fiction called Walter Tine's Poker Odyssey, so I'm particularly curious to know what you all think of it. If he crossed the street now, they would surmise that he crossed because of them. This would surely cause offense and perhaps even make him look more vulnerable than he already did. No, best to...

Jun 07 2018

On You, Lou

My latest piece for the Two Plus Two Magazine is more of a story than a strategy article. It's about a friend of my grandmother's who was a small-time gambler and a few conversations we had about poker: “I saw you on ESPN,” he tells me once he’s made his left out of the parking lot. "I seen where one of them guys...

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