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Aug 10 2020

Pandemic & Televised Poker: What Lies Ahead?

The worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 has left its deep trace on countless industries left and right. The gambling and entertainment industries were hit particularly hard and live poker was caught in the crossfire as well. While casinos and poker rooms are slowly opening up for business again, there is heavy air around it all. Restrictions on the number of...

May 31 2020

How the Best Poker Players in the World Think Differently Than Everybody Else

I get a lot of email from struggling poker players at the micro stakes. Too much sometimes in fact! But this is because poker is a hard game to truly master and many people find it difficult to achieve consistent success especially when they are first starting out. I hear a lot of the same struggles and problems over and over again. So...

The 50 Best Poker Players of All Time (This Will Shock You)

Have you ever wondered who the best poker players of all-time are? Well, one way of trying to figure that out is by using the Hendon Mob's all-time tournament poker money earnings list. Now, this list is a bit problematic because it only counts tournament winnings and does not (to my knowledge) include tournament losses. This is not even to mention stuff like...

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