Dec 26 2022

Playing $25/$50/$100/$200 NL on Hustler Live!

published by Conscious Poker by Alec Torelli
in blog Conscious Poker by Alec Torelli
original entryPlaying $25/$50/$100/$200 NL on Hustler Live!

A poker vlog of Alec Torelli playing some high-stakes poker on Hustler Casino Live. I break down every hand from the stream and share my thoughts. Timestamps: 0:00 - Introduction 1:30 - Bluffing with 76s 4:00 - Trapping with KK 5:50 - AK vs. Mariano 4-Bet Pot 10:22 - K6s Bluff vs. Nik Airball 14:25 - Subscribe to Conscious Poker 15:05 - KQ...

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