Oct 25 2022

Godzilla (NUT FLUSH) vs Kong (NUT STRAIGHT)! $2000 on the line!

published by The Poker Guys
in blog The Poker Guys
original entryGodzilla (NUT FLUSH) vs Kong (NUT STRAIGHT)! $2000 on the line!

The stone worst card comes on the turn, because now you think you've got a monster. Turns out, you're up against the King of the Monsters. This, and the rest of our 5/10/20 cash game. Flush v straight hand starts at 5:45 Join our Discord!!!: https://discord.gg/dQD2ASCFF4 Click here to get How Can He Fold? Incredible Poker Hands Broken Down Decision By Decision: www.thepokerguys.net...

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