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Oct 08 2020

When and why you should move out of freerolls

Oct 08 2020 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  basics poker strategy

Replay Poker's freerolls are a great, risk free way to learn the games. You can also gain experience with how to handle playing in tournaments with large numbers of players. But how do you know when the time has come to spread your wings and start spending chips to buy in to tournaments or ring games? Why is it a good thing to...

Sep 23 2020

“Grokking With Your Mark” by Alan25main

You may know your opponents, but do you KNOW your opponents? Alan25main writes about the importance of identifying with other players in order to better understand their game. -- In a novel called Stranger in a Strange Land, science fiction author Robert Heinlein coined the verb “to grok.” He called it a Martian concept and...

Sep 16 2020

Bad advice and poker conspiracy theories

Sep 16 2020 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  basics poker strategy

Be careful: seemingly sensible players may lead you astray with misguided advice. We have a few examples of things you could hear from players who likely thought through a situation, but came to the wrong conclusion. You can't beat bad players. It's better to play against skilled opponents. Bad players are unpredictable. It can be difficult to find meaning behind plays in which...

Aug 19 2020

Tips & tricks for playing in rebuy tournaments

Aug 19 2020 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  basics poker strategy

How should you play differently in a rebuy tournament than a standard one? We've got some advice on how to handle yourself when you have the opportunity to get back in the game. Let's start with some basics. Playing in a standard "freeze-out" tournament means when you run out of chips, you're eliminated from the event. However, when playing in a rebuy tournament,...

Aug 13 2020

“The Essential Elements of a Winning Poker Player” by Alan25main

If you want to be consistently successful at the poker table, there are some key traits you'll need to get there. Alan25main shares the most important attributes he feels will help you see regular gains in your bankroll. -- Everything that follows is opinion – my opinion – and your opinion may vary and still be valid. In fact, considering there are at...

Jul 30 2020

3 tips to become more successful at Omaha Hi/Lo

Jul 30 2020 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  poker strategy

Omaha Hi/Lo is the most popular format on Replay Poker after Texas Hold'em. If you've got the basics down from our Help Center article, we have some additional tips to help you become more successful. Hand selection: You don't have to play every hand! Position and hand selection are important in any poker game because you need to equip yourself with appropriate...

Jul 17 2020

Poker tall tales and incredible claims

Jul 17 2020 Published at Replay Poker's Blog under tags  basics poker staff stories

Long-time poker players have heard it all. Chasetheriver, Replay's Poker Operations Manager, shares a few common gripes he's heard throughout his career. Have you fallen into these pitfalls of thinking? -- Having been in the poker trade for a number of years, I have overheard or been directly involved with many tall stories and improbable claims. As poker players, we like to think...

Jul 08 2020

“How’s Your Poker Face?” by Alan25main

Are you giving away a tell? Whether you're enjoying live poker or you're seated at Replay's tables, you can learn valuable information about the ways your competitors play. Read Alan25main's advice on what to look for. -- Sitting at a live poker table, we have lots of ways to get possible tells from opponents. Almost anything that happens can provide us with clues...

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