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Jan 11 2021

The 5 best tips to win at poker in 2021 | [Texas Holdem Tips and Strategies]

In this video I share the top 5 moves you need to know to win at poker in 2021. The poker landscape is always changing. The game has evolved heaps since I began in 2005, and if you want to win in today’s environment you need to stay ahead of the curve. \--- The exclusive mastermind to help you turn poker into a...

Jan 04 2021

Poker Tips: No One Session Defines You

In this video Alec shares his favorite poker tip: Remember that no one hand defines you. You will play many poker hands throughout your poker journey, but making mistakes shouldn't get you off track and tilted, thus start running bad and dive into spiral downswing. Winners look for the opportunity to improve! When making a mistake in poker, take a step back and...

Dec 28 2020

How To Win Online Poker Tournaments | Online Poker Tournaments Strategy | LATE STAGES

How To Win Online Poker Tournaments definitive-guide-to-poker-tournament-strategy/ Late Stage. This is part 3 of online poker tournament strategy series. In this video, Alec Torelli covers online poker tournament strategy in late stages. In part one and two of the series, you will learn how to play early and mid stages of online poker tournaments. === Alec breaks down every single hand he played,...

Dec 21 2020

Online poker tournaments strategy - MID STAGES

How To Play Poker Online Tournaments Mid-Stage. This is part 2 of online poker tournament strategy series. In this video, Alec Torelli covers online poker tournament strategy. In part one of the series, you will learn how to play early stages of online poker tournaments. READ MORE: strategy/ === Alec breaks down every single hand he played, and exactly how he did it...

Dec 14 2020

Online Poker Tournament (MTT) Strategy #1/3 | How To Play and Win Early Stages [Texas Holdem MTT]

In this video, Alec Torelli covers online poker tournament strategy. In part one of the series, you will learn how to play early stages of online poker tournaments. Alec breaks down every single hand he played, and exactly how he did it in the Conscious Poker Membership. It's divided into 3 parts: early stages, mid stages and late stages. There's over 3 hours...

Nov 02 2020

How To Reduce Variance In Poker | Conscious Poker Podcast

How To Reduce Variance In Poker use-a-poker-variance-calculator/ You can't eliminate variance in poker, but you can reduce variance to make your poker income more stable and your winning sessions more consistent. One of my students, Joseph, shares a bit of what he's learned about reducing variance and the immediate improvement it's had on his winnings. We also discuss the differences between cash games...

Sep 30 2020

Conscious Poker Podcast: Overcoming Fear in Poker

One of our Alec's Academy graduates Nick shares actionable takeaways to help you overcome fear in poker, develop a daily routine for success, master the mental game, create a winning mindset and optimize your habits for success. Learn more about Alec's Academy: 1:40 What changed about your poker routine has changed lately? 6:40 How to overcome fear in poker. 11:25 What’s a...

Sep 28 2020

Conscious Poker Podcast: Texas Holdem for Seniors : Winning Poker Lifestyle | Online poker tips 2020

In this interview with one of his clients, Alec talks with TJ about how to crush poker as a senior in today's current landscape. Learn to leverage your image to outplay your opponents, a blueprint for decision making to avoid mistakes, tips for the mental game, how to successfully transition into online poker and ultimately building a winning poker lifestyle. Apply to Join...

Sep 21 2020

How to Build Sustainable Poker Business

In this conversation between Alec and Alec's Academy graduate Kevin Torres, they discuss the strategies, tactics, and tools to turn poker into a profitable side hustle and/or full time endeavor. Apply to Alec's Academy: \- - - Timestamps: 1:10 - Creating a Poker Business Plan 4:10 - Bankroll Management, Downswings and Variance 8:05 - Using data to improve your game 10:05 -...

Sep 17 2020

Do THIS When You Lose Motivation in Poker

Professionals know how crucial it is to have a long term game plan with clearly defined goals. These not only keep one accountable and moving toward their desired future, but allows one to be more patient and enjoy the journey, ultimately giving them a competitive edge. Learn More about Alec's Academy: \- - - If you liked my style of analysis check...

Sep 14 2020

The Numbers Never Lie in Poker

Each hand has a certain expectation. One cannot defy the laws of math, although many have tried. In the short term a poor player may win. In the long term, they all lose. To win is simple: be patient & play strong hands. I never said it was easy. \- - - If you liked my style of analysis check out my FREE...

Sep 09 2020

The Poker Strategy That Never Fails

Newcomers believe the game is about fancy plays. They’re eager to learn the ‘secrets’ of the trade. They’re seduced by appearing on the highlight reel. Professionals focus on fundamentals. It’s far less sexy, but it wins the game. Against most players most of the time, a simple and solid strategy will suffice. Only a fool risks missing a 3-pointer when he has a...

Sep 07 2020

Why You Shouldn't Try to Make Money Playing Poker

Winning money isn’t the purpose of poker. It’s a way of keeping score, of measuring one’s progress over time. A pro’s job is to make great decisions. Winning is the product of doing that well. The Ultimate Poker Business Course: \- - - If you liked my style of analysis check out my FREE "Intro to Hand Reading" where you'll get access...

Aug 25 2020

How to Play No Limit Texas Hold’em (5 Beginner Poker Strategies)

Learn the basic strategies of No Limit Texas Hold'em. This in depth video about Texas Hold'em strategy for beginners will reveal the 5 basic strategies to give you a leg up on the competition. Resources from this video: The Ultimate Guide to Texas Hold'em Strategy: The Ultimate Guide to Cash Game Poker Strategy: The Ultimate Guide to Tournament Poker Strategy:

Aug 24 2020

Playing for Passion vs. Playing for Money: What Type Are You?

Check out the full blog: My first time playing poker, I won $12 in a home game. I immediately fell in love. It wasn’t because of the money of course but the sense of pride that came with winning. In the years that followed I continued to pursue the game, using every session as an opportunity to improve. While I measured my...

How to Win $100/Hour at Poker in 8 Weeks!

In this video, I’m going to share with you a case study from one of our Alec’s Academy graduates Kevin, who went from making roughly $20 to over $100 per hour in just 8 weeks after graduating from our program. === Apply to Join Alec's Academy: === Read full blog: in-8-weeks/ In this video you’re going to learn how master the mental...

Aug 22 2020

5 Simple Steps to ACHIEVE Your POKER GOALS

Dive into some actionable steps to help you create a clear vision for your poker future and put a plan in place to help you crush your poker goals. Apply to Alec's Academy: Subscribe to Crush Monday's: Full Blog Post: How to Use a Poker Variance Calculator: variance-calculator/ How to Plan Out Your Poker Calendar: Our latest round of...

Aug 10 2020

How to Make $2,000 Per Month Playing Poker

Poker players measure their success using a win rate. A win rate is measured in the number of big blinds a player wins in a given hour. Read full blog: Apply to Join Alec's Academy: \--- If you’d like to have me walk you through the process step by step, including how to set up a sustainable poker business and equip...

Jul 30 2020

How to Manage Your Bankroll Like a Pro | Bankroll Management: Cash game vs Tournaments

The Bankroll Management Formula I've Used for Years is now available to you. Read the full article here: How to Manage Your Bankroll Like a Pro | \- - - Our next Alec’s Academy cohort begins soon, and you can join the waiting list to be alerted when it becomes available: \- - - THE 80/20 BANKROLL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Commonly known...

Jul 27 2020

What would you do if you didn't play poker?

I often wonder what my life would be like if I never discovered poker at the age of 16. Would would I do? In this video I explore that question and share what my life may have looked like, as well as where I see things going from here on out, and how I plan to balance poker and business in the future....

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