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Apr 10 2021

WINNING $655,289! A Tournament REVIEW with girafganger7 & Michael Acevedo

Last month, Bert Stevens aka GirafGanger7 came 2nd in the $25,500 GGPoker Super High Roller for $655,289. This catapulted him to the highest ranked online poker player on PocketFives. Over at we have regular live streams where our coaches analyse their deep tournament runs and give priceless insight into their decisions. This is a short highlights video from one of these live...

Apr 09 2021

HELLMUTH vs NEGREANU | Negreanu READS Hellmuth like a BOOK in the High Stakes Duel

It’s fair to say that Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth have played a lot together over the years. So much so that both have a great understanding of each other's games. Hellmuth has clearly stated that he does not like to play a GTO strategy and this hand proves just that as he uses some very interesting bet sizes on the flop and...

Apr 08 2021

$180,000 BATTLE with Bryn KENNEY on High Stakes Poker

This is a brilliant hand from the latest season of High Stakes Poker between Bryn Kenney and Brandon Steven. In this analysis, I highlight the importance of really thinking about the range of hands that might call when deciding to value bet and how this should determine the size of your bet. Bryn Kenney is currently the all time money leader for live...

Apr 07 2021

To BLUFF or NOT to BLUFF? - HUGE SPOT on the RIVER with just 6 HIGH!

When you are playing on a final table you must always consider the ICM implications of your actions. In this hand, Marty Mathis decides to use this to his advantage as he runs a huge bluff against the chipleader Bruno Volkmann in the $10,300 partypoker Millions South America Main Event. Mathis shows us why he is one of the most feared online players...

Apr 06 2021

[Updated] 3 HUGE Leaks of Small Stakes Tournament Players [MTT'S]

If you want to take your game to the next level, check out my Pokercoaching Spring Sale! In this live webinar, I'm going to give you 3 HUGE Leaks of Small Stakes Tournament Players with a focus on when to bluff, how to play well preflop, and how to play well post-flop! I hope you enjoy this webinar!

Apr 05 2021

Apr 04 2021

Can Adrián MATEOS win ANOTHER title? $428,624 for the WINNER!

Adrián Mateos is no stranger to winning titles. At just the ripe young age of 22 he had already won 3 WSOP bracelets and currently sits at 14th in the Live All Time Money List and he’s still only 26! In this week's online poker hand we look at a heads up hand in the $10,300 Super Million$ Online event at GGPoker where...

Apr 03 2021

HELLMUTH vs NEGREANU | Hellmuth did WHAT?! in the High Stakes Duel

The eagerly anticipated match up between Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu has taken place and what a ride it was. Over the coming weeks I will be analysing some of the hands that were played in this first match up as part of PokerGO’s High Stakes Duel series. This particular hand left a lot of people scratching their heads after Hellmuth makes a...

Apr 02 2021

Apr 01 2021

Can PETRANGELO find an $80,000 CALL on High Stakes Poker?

Nick Petrangelo finds himself looking down the barrel of an $80,000 bet on the river with a marginal made hand against a very aggressive Lynne Ji on High Stakes Poker. In this hand we look at it from Petrangelo’s perspective when he decides to flat a preflop 4 bet with A10 off suit on the button against Lynne Ji. Do you think this...

Mar 31 2021

Phil IVEY CRUSHING in a €100,000 Poker Tournament

Phil Ivey to this day is still one of the most feared players at the poker table and this hand highlights exactly why. He floats on a flop with no real backdoor equity and then goes for the bluff on the river against Orpen Kisacikoglu in a €100,000 poker tournament. Most players, myself included, would have snap folded on the flop but Ivey...

Mar 29 2021

Studying JAMES ROMERO’s POKER QUIZZES | A Little BRÈINFÚEL with Jonathan Little

One of the best ways to learn any skill is active learning. Active learning is defined as ‘an approach to instruction that involves actively engaging students with the course material’. This is exactly what we do at with our quizzes. Our coaches will take poker hands and then give you different options to pick from before discussing what they would have done...

Mar 28 2021

Michael ADDAMO cranks up the PRESSURE for $400,000!

In this week's online poker hand I look at a couple of interesting heads up hands between Michael Addamo and Yuri Dzivielevski as they face off for over $400,000. The $10,300 Super Million$ Online event at GGPoker is running every week and is providing a lot of brilliant hands between some of the worlds best players. In Hand 1 Dzivielevski finds himself in...

Mar 27 2021

JRB and the GOBLET of DWAN

On the most recent series of High Stakes Poker, Jean Robert Bellande plays this hand perfectly against Tom Dwan in an attempt to extract maximum value from his full house. JRB does an excellent job of creating a loose & carefree image at the table. In this particular episode he is seen to be drinking very expensive wine from a huge Vegas goblet...

Mar 25 2021

How to CRUSH $500 Spin & Go’s

Ryan ‘CITYROLLER’ O’Donnell is one of the best Spin & Go players out there and he has made an in depth course for PokerCoaching Premium members into how to crush these games. In this video Ryan is playing the highest stakes offered - $500 Spin & Go’s - and talks through his thought process for each individual decision. Take a SNEAK PEEK of...

Mar 24 2021


In this hand we take a trip back in time where Phil Laak decides to take on Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates in the partypoker Premier League. Laak is known to be a player who, for the most part, plays good & solid fundamental poker. Every once in a while though we have seen him run a crazy bluff and this hand highlights one of...

Mar 23 2021

[Updated] Nutrition, Health & Poker with Thomas DeLauer

Thomas DeLauer is an author, health expert, and performance coach who is most noted for his own personal health transformation. He went from a 280-pound corporate executive to losing over 100 pounds and being on the covers of health and fitness magazines worldwide. In this live webinar I will be interviewing him to get some tips on how we as poker players can...

Mar 22 2021

[Updated] 3 BETTING Strategy at multiple STACK DEPTHS | A Little BRÈINFÚEL with Jonathan Little

A common mistake I see students making is not adapting their strategy according to their stack depth. You must always remember that your range will alter depending on your own stack size as well as your opponents’ stack sizes. In this live webinar I will be teaching you how to adapt your 3 betting strategy at multiple stack depths and remind you that...

Mar 21 2021

TRICKY SPOT on a $10k GGPoker FINAL Table

As we wait for the world to return to normal, the online poker streets are hotter than ever. GGPoker are running weekly $10,300 events and I’ve decided to cover one of the most interesting hands from each final table. Bruno Volkmann, who is an online crusher, is well aware of this going into this hand. One player has 5bb so it would be...

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