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Oct 27 2021

How a Top Live Poker Crusher Deals with Six-Figure Losses

Oct 27 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  introductory live poker poker strategy

Unless you’re an absolute sicko, you probably hate losing money....

Oct 15 2021

How to Play King-Queen Suited in Cash Games (Preflop and Postflop)

King-Queen suited is a pretty premium hand, but that doesn't stop your average poker player from playing it poorly. It's hard to mess up too much with super- premiums like pocket Aces or even Ace-King. But I see players overplay and underplay King-Queen...

Oct 12 2021

How to Play Trips Flops Like a Poker Boss

Trips flops are the rarest kind of flops in poker. Out of a total of 22,100 distinct flops, only 52 of them are trips flops. This means that you will encounter such a flop once every 400 flops or so. Nonetheless, trips flops are still part of the game, so it's still worth your time to learn about them. This article covers playing...

Oct 08 2021

What Are The Odds of Two Flushes in Poker?

Oct 08 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker news & history questions

When you play Texas Hold'em for any significant number of hands, you'll eventually see a scenario where two players turn over a flush in the same hand. Such a scenario leads to one of the worst feelings in poker for the player with the losing hand in a flush versus flush setup. What are the chances of two players making a flush in...

What Are The Odds of Winning with Pocket Aces?

Oct 08 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker news & history questions

Pocket Aces are the best possible starting hand in a game of Texas Hold'em. While you're not going to automatically win the pot just because you picked...

Should He Fold Pocket Aces to a Close Friend? (Analysis)

When two friends clash at the poker table, it generally goes one of three ways: Some friends go after each other relentlessly; Others (consciously or unconsciously) try to avoid each other; And some just play their game and let the cards fall where they may. I ended up in this situation when I squared off vs my podcast co-host and friend Dara O’Kearney...

Oct 06 2021

How to Play Pocket Queens in Cash Games (Preflop & Postflop)

Who doesn't love looking down at Pocket Queens? The ladies are the third strongest starting hand in No Limit Hold’em, and you should expect to win the pot very often when you get them. Despite the raw power of Pocket Queens, not everyone knows how to play them optimally. With the help of this article, however, you can increase your win-rate and find...

Oct 04 2021

Can You ACE This Poker Hands Quiz?

Oct 04 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker quizzes

How well do you really know the poker hand rankings? To win at poker, you obviously need to know what hand you have. Thus, being able to quickly identify poker hands is crucial if you want success on the felt. The following quiz will show you a hand from the game of Texas Hold'em. You goal is to select the correct poker hand...

Oct 01 2021

Doug Polk Semi-Bluffs All-In With $3.7 Million at Stake (Analysis)

To mark the beginning of the 2021 World Series of Poker (which started yesterday), today's article zooms in on a key hand from the 2017 WSOP....

Sep 29 2021

What is a Solver in Poker? How Solvers Work & How to Think About Them

A solver is a powerful piece of poker software that calculates ‘optimal’ strategies (called solutions) for user-inputted scenarios. The most commonly used solvers include PioSolver, GTO+ and Simple Postflop. Solvers have changed the game since they became commercially available in 2015, raising the standard of play significantly. A solver's solutions contain a lot of valuable insights, but how exactly do solvers work? And...

Sep 28 2021

Poker Hand Rankings & The Best Texas Hold’em Poker Hands

Sep 28 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker rules

The post Poker Hand Rankings & The Best Texas Hold'em Poker Hands appeared first on Upswing Poker.

Sep 24 2021

When Should You Call With Just Ace-High?

Do you ever try calling with Ace-high? You probably see the pros pulling off this move pretty often on live streams. But, unless you've worked on this part of the game, you may be making these relatively light calls at the wrong times. This article explains when it is (and isn't) okay to call with an Ace- high hand. Let’s begin! When You Should...

Sep 20 2021

How Do Poker Staking Agreements Work?

Sep 20 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker news & history questions

Many of the players that frequent high-stakes poker games aren't playing with their own money. Staking agreements allow players to jump into games that go beyond the boundaries of their bankroll. Some of the world's most successful players rapidly rise up the poker ladder thanks to staking agreements. These...

How to Tell if Someone is Bluffing in Poker

Sep 20 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker news & history questions

Is there really a way to tell when someone is bluffing in a poker game? You could theoretically make big money at the poker table if you always knew when another player was bluffing. Even for the world's top pros, however, picking up live...

Sep 17 2021

What is a Button Straddle & Should You Ever Do It?

Listen up, live poker players. If you've spent enough time on the live felt, there's a good chance you've encountered a Button straddle. Button straddles create interesting table dynamics that are worth exploring. This article answers the following questions: What is a Button straddle? How should you adjust your strategy when the Button straddles? Should you ever straddle on the Button?...

Sep 16 2021

Is Poker Considered Gambling? The Debate is Over

Sep 16 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker news & history questions

The long-running debate on whether poker is a game of skill has a definitive answer. Poker is a game of a skill, and in the long term skilled poker players will win money from players with less skill. While poker can be definitively called a game of skill, is playing the game still considered a form of gambling? Let's discuss in this article....

Sep 15 2021

Is Poker a Game of Skill or Just Luck? The Debate is Over

Sep 15 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker news & history questions

Are the world's most successful poker players products of hard work and skill? Or are the highest-earning players in the history of the game simply the luckiest? The debate on whether poker is a game of skill or luck will probably persist for as long as poker exists. Like all gambling games, luck does play a major role in poker,...

Sep 14 2021

The $2.5 Million Bluff That Changed The Poker World Forever (Moneymaker vs Farha Analysis)

Heads-up for the WSOP Main Event title. A bracelet and $2.5 million on the line. The poker veteran in a sharp suit, shirt unbuttoned, bedazzled with chains. The accountant with the implausibly perfect name, wearing a beige Poker Stars baseball cap and sunglasses. A bluff that will change the poker world forever....

Sep 10 2021

Re-Raising in Poker: When to Re-Raise (& How Much)

Sep 10 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker news & history questions

Raises occur frequently in a game of poker, as most pots don't get through to the showdown without someone raising along the way. While raising is a common occurrence, re-raising in a poker game happens much less often. Re-raising in a game like Texas Hold'em often signifies a very strong hand. Skilled players...

[Updated] What is Board Coverage & Why Does It Matter?

Board coverage is a relatively new concept in the poker world. It became a hot topic when solvers gained widespread use, but not everyone knows what it is. To bridge that gap, this article will answer some questions about it: What is board coverage? Why does board coverage matter in theory? How much does board coverage matter in practice? Let’s dive in!...

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