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Jul 23 2021

Hellmuth Crushes Negreanu’s Soul with 8♣ 3♣ (Analysis by Polk & Negreanu)

Sometimes you see a hand that makes you think: “what the hell am I looking at right now?” This hand between Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth is a perfect example. Half of the analysis in this article is directly from Daniel, as he explained his thought process on a recent episode of the Doug Polk...

Jul 22 2021

How Do Poker Tournaments Work?

Jul 22 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker news & history questions

Poker tournaments represent the world's most popular way to play poker. The World Series of Poker is the world's most famous poker event, and revolves exclusively around tournament play. If you've never played in a poker tournament, you...

Jul 20 2021

The Filthiest Hand from the $10,000,000 Wynn Millions (Analysis)

Imagine this… You are playing one of the first $10,000 buy-in tournaments post-lockdown, and it's the biggest tournament of the summer. You build up a huge stack on day 1 -- one of, if not the biggest in the field -- only to run the best possible full house into a top pro's quads on day 2. Sounds unrealistic, doesn't it? Well, it...

Jul 16 2021

How to Play Poker Without Chips

Jul 16 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker news & history questions

There's no reason to let a lack of chips stop you from playing a game of poker. Many alternatives are at your disposal if you want to run a live poker game, but don't have traditional poker chips available. As long as you have a deck of cards, you can almost certainly find something to take the place of poker chips. Let's take...

6 Reasons to Try for Your Next Home Game

Jul 16 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  guides & reviews

Wait… What is Unshuffled? It all started back in March of 2020 – COVID had forced us into quarantine and our weekly poker games all came to a sudden end. We searched the web for an option to play our rather untraditional mixed games online but could not find anything that truly met our needs. So, we decided to build our own platform...

How to Take Notes on Your Opponents Like a Pro

Learning how to take notes efficiently is an underrated skill in online poker. By taking notes, you give yourself easily accessible information about how certain players approach the game. This article will help you take better notes on your...

Is Online Poker Rigged? The Facts Revealed

Jul 16 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker news & history questions

The legitimacy of online poker remains a question for some players. The "poker boom" era of the mid-2000s brought online poker to the mainstream, and nearly two decades later many players prefer online poker over its live counterpart. The great "is online poker rigged" debate has persisted throughout the modern era of the...

Jul 14 2021

Is Poker a Sport or a Game?

Jul 14 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker news & history questions

As much as any other pastime, poker straddles the line between "game" and "sport". The "game" part of poker requires no further validation. The status of poker as a "sport", however, can certainly go up for debate. Can poker be rightfully considered a sport? Let's evaluate that question:...

Can You Count Cards in Poker Games?

Jul 14 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker news & history

Card counting was made famous through books like Bringing Down the House and movies like 21. Tales of card counting often center around players winning huge sums of money, then making a hasty exit from a casino with security in hot pursuit. Card counting generally applies to blackjack, but you might have wondered - does card counting work in poker? Can You...

Jul 13 2021

Dan Shak: Poker Results & Memorable Hands

Jul 13 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker players

Dan Shak is a 62-year-old hedge fund manager and semi-pro poker player. Backed by an almost unlimited bankroll built in gold futures trading, Shak stands as a mainstay on the high-stakes live tournament circuit. Shak's poker accomplishments are impressive enough to warrant "pro" status. He's among the top 100 on the Hendon Mob live tournament database. Here's a look at the poker accomplishments...

Two Top Pros Play Perfectly with $450,076 on the Line (Hand Analysis)

Welcome to some of the toughest poker games on the planet: $25k High Roller Tournaments. These events attract the best of the best, all competing for millions of dollars and the prestige that comes with winning a high roller title. This article will analyze a crucial hand from a recent online $25k High Roller event. I will run the hand through PioSolver on...

Jul 09 2021

Can You Play Poker with Just Two Players?

Jul 09 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker rules questions

Poker is a game that can be played with up to 10 players in some formats, but you only need a minimum of two people to play the game. A poker game involving two players is called a heads-up poker game. The positions in a heads-up poker game might be different than they are in a game with three or more players. Other...

When Should You C-Bet with Middle or Bottom Pair in Cash Games?

Many aspects of poker strategy have fluctuated overtime… …including whether or not you should c-bet with middle or bottom pair on the flop. With the help of solvers, we now have a much clearer view of when it's a good idea to do so. In this article, I am going to explain why you would want to c-bet with a flopped middle or...

Jul 08 2021

Poker vs Texas Hold’em: Is There A Difference?

Jul 08 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker rules questions

Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker variant in the world. As a result, "Texas Hold'em" and "poker" are often used interchangeably. It's important to note, however, that the term "poker" can include many other different styles of the game. If you've ever wondered is poker the same thing as Texas Hold'em?, read on. Poker vs Texas Hold'em: What is the Difference?...

Jul 07 2021

When to Fold in Poker (Before & After the Flop)

Jul 07 2021 Published at Upswing Poker under tags  poker strategy questions

The ability to fold marks one of the most important aspects of a winning poker strategy. In Texas Hold'em, playing too many hands preflop, or moving forward with too many marginal hands post-flop, can end up as a major detriment to your win rate. Knowing when to fold in poker is arguably the most critical skill in the game. The...

What is Fold Equity and Why Does it Matter?

If you've played poker for a while, you've probably heard the term fold equity. In this article, I am going to explain what fold equity is and why it’s important to understand if you want to maximize your winnings at the tables. What is Fold Equity? Fold equity is the probability that a player will fold...

Jul 05 2021

[Updated] What is Two Pair & How Should You Play Two Pair?

Two pair is usually quite a strong hand in a game of poker. To make two pair, you must have two distinct pairs in the same five-card hand. Here is an example of two pair:...

Jul 02 2021

How to Play Ace-King (Big Slick) in Cash Games

Is Ace-King one of ‘‘those hands’’ for you? You know, the ones that make you say "it looks good, but it never wins." Regardless of your personal feelings towards "Big Slick", there's no doubt that it's one of the strongest hands in the game. Learning how to play properly preflop and after the flop will be very valuable for you in...

Jun 30 2021

How to Win at 10NL on PokerStars ($0.05/$0.10 Play & Explain)

Do you play in low or micro-stakes poker games? Then you're about to get a lot of free value courtesy of cash game pro and streamer Gary "GazzyB" Blackwood. Settle in for the next 10 minutes, click play on the video, and watch GazzyB show off a winning strategy in 10NL ($0.05/$0.10) games on PokerStars....

Jun 25 2021

5 Questions to Ask Yourself in Every Postflop Poker Hand

Want to play your ranges like a pro after the flop? In this article, I am going to cover 5 questions that professional poker players ask themselves every time they make a decision. To assist with this process, I'll be using a handy new tool called Poker Ranger 2, which has a number of powerful features for analyzing poker hands (as you're about...

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