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Oct 20 2020

Who Squeezes the Squeezer? - Episode 188

Hero faces complex decisions in a 4bet pot, playing 10/10 at Parx Casino.

Oct 06 2020

Action on the Side - Episode 187

Hero faces a river raise after creating a side pot on the river.

Sep 23 2020

Battling with the Bros - Episode 186

A Just Hands favorite guest Nik “bunnylads” Valinksy considers some intricate spots against former guest Guillermoman.

Sep 16 2020

Out of Luck and Position - Episode 185

Sep 16 2020 Published at Strategy Blog - Just Hands Poker under tags  podcast

Clarity is poor with top pair after facing a 3bet from a young pro.

Aug 20 2020

Veiled Threats of Thin Value w/ Special Guest Guillermoman - Episode 184

Just Hands member Guillermoman faces close decisions on a draw heavy board.

Aug 12 2020

Stuck with Big Slick at Talking Stick - Episode 183

Hero takes an unorthodox line with AK. Jack and James enumerate the merits of taking more aggressive actions on early streets.

Aug 04 2020

Crushing Live Poker w/ Special Guest Bart Hanson - Episode 182

Bart Hanson discusses the modern poker scene and how it has changed in the last decade. James gets into a tricky spot out of position in a straddled pot.

Jul 21 2020

Spotting Imbalances - Episode 181

Jul 21 2020 Published at Strategy Blog - Just Hands Poker under tags  podcast

Hero faces an aggressive opponent in a 3-bet pot with 99.

Jul 07 2020

Destroying Lines - Episode 180

James and Jack dissect an opponent’s line and explain why it’s weighted toward value.

Jun 23 2020

How to Build on Strong Foundations w/ Special Guest Andrew Brokos - Episode 179

James engages in some loose play at the newly reopened live games in Las Vegas.

Avoiding Sticky Situations - Episode 178

Hero makes an unadvised flop call in a 5-way pot, but may have a decent bluff- catching spot on the river.

Jun 02 2020

Ladies Ain't Cheap - Episode 176

In a complex river spot, Jack and James discuss the best way to get value with pocket queens against a recreational opponent.

May 27 2020

Zach Returns - Episode 175

Zach makes a long awaited return to the podcast and debates with Jack about whether to bluff catch from out of position against an aggressive opponent. Additionally, Zach shares what he and Jack have been working on outside of poker.

Apr 22 2020

Circumventing Governmental Restrictions - Episode 174

Jack and James discuss how to think about flop decisions in more depth and how to proceed on a texture changing turn card.

Apr 07 2020

Cowboy Uncertainty - Episode 173

Apr 07 2020 Published at Strategy Blog - Just Hands Poker under tags  podcast

Jack and James try to weigh the bluff and value combos expected from an aggressive opponent.

Mar 31 2020

Bluffs, Blockers, and Balance w/ Special Guest Persuadeo (aka Chris) - Episode 172

Mar 31 2020 Published at Strategy Blog - Just Hands Poker under tags  podcast

Persuadeo’s student in the small blind takes an unorthodox line, but could it be a good play? Jack, James, and Chris discuss range advantage, combinations of hands for each player, and balancing bluffs in different lines.

Feb 25 2020

Deep-stacked Disaster from LATB w/ Special Guest DGAF - Episode 171

Andy goes for max value with a loose aggressive image, but runs into a monster hand from Jacky.

Feb 11 2020

Telling Tales w/ Special Guest Zachary Elwood - Episode 170

The man who literally wrote the book on tells, Zachary Elwood, finds a subtle distinction in a verbal tell.

Contextual Tension - Episode 169

After raising preflop, hero faces a donk lead from the big blind in a bloated multi-way pot. How to proceed?

Jan 21 2020

Blind Aggression - Episode 168

Jan 21 2020 Published at Strategy Blog - Just Hands Poker under tags  podcast

One faces some tough decision playing 10/10. Here, in a wide range scenario, hero gets put into a tough spot with unclear blockers.

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